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3 Facebook Group Mistakes to Avoid | Social Media Marketing

Facebook Groups can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool when done the right way. Unfortunately, there are a few common Facebook Group mistakes that I continue to see happening. The goal of this post is to help you identify those mistakes and, offer some actionable things you can do to avoid them.

While you go through this post, I want you to think about Facebook Groups you are a part of — and enjoy.

Ask yourself; What about them do I like? Is it the value I gain? Perhaps the people I’ve met? Have I purchased from the group? Do I regularly contribute? … and so on.

When we can identify the characteristics about groups that we enjoy, we can often modify and adapt them to our own groups’ content moving forward.

Remember, building a Facebook Group takes time and consistent effort … so let’s dive in with some strategies you can adopt for your social media marketing efforts with respect to Facebook Groups.

3 Facebook Group Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs!

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“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” — Benjamin Franklin


I cannot insist on this enough … PLEASE make sure you have a plan for your group before you launch! Similar to a business launch plan, you want to take the necessary time to plan your group launch. See, many people are opening groups and are giving up after 90 days because it’s not helping them attain the results they hoped for.

Having said that, many of them had no real plan;

  1. Facebook Group goal
  2. Content calendar/plan
  3. Ideal demographic
  4. Strategy to grow group; membership and engagement

There is so much more to creating a profitable Facebook Group than opening one. They are without question and long term strategy that should have the prospective customer and/or client in the forefront. The most successful groups are value led and sales second (this leads me to the next of the most common Facebook Group mistakes).

Show up to Grow up!


Once you developed your Facebook Group plan it’s time to execute. And, this requires consistently showing up day after day — even when no one is listening. And yes, this might mean creating multiple posts in your group every day and continuing to do so even with little to no engagement.

There are a variety of reasons people join Facebook Groups/Online Communities and the biggest one is a safe place to have their questions answered. When you show up consistently, your members WILL appreciate this and in turn, will start to contribute, engage, share, comment, create, etc.

But this takes TIME.

If you are not prepared to commit to consistent valuable content — save yourself the trouble and skip creating your group all together. They are only powerful tools when you work them.

Last and certainly not least … sales and promotional posts


Your members (will) want value. If they joined you group on a promise you would help them with something you HAVE to deliver and OVER deliver on that promise. These days it seems that groups are overrun with pitches and sales and spam, etc. right?

There are great strategies that work inside Facebook Groups when it comes to promotions and sale style posts — explore them.

A great place to start is the video included above and, be sure you are plugged into my Facebook Community where thousands of entrepreneurs are taking action in their businesses with great success! Why not you?

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