Facebook Group Secrets

Make More Money With These Facebook Group Secrets

Here’s what we know right from the Facebook man himself; Facebook Groups and Communities ARE the future. So, if you are building a network marketing business, you want to get in on this. In today’s post I’m going to share with you some of my top Facebook Group Secrets that you can start to implement immediately.

These are strategies that we have helped dozens of clients implement into their business, with massive success.

Facebook Group Secrets Revealed!

Think about the last Facebook Group you joined. Why did you join it?

Was it support? Help around a topic for the purposes of education? Think about these questions when you are creating (or building) your Groups. When we understand why we can deliver the content accordingly.

One of the biggest Facebook Group Secrets I need you to really understand is that you need a strategy to create an effective community. There are so many groups popping up all over the place but what will make yours different?

Because, just adding prospects to a group and hoping they will buy is a false reality.

Stop throwing the noodle at the wall and hoping it sticks! Especially, when there are solid strategies out there to help you turn your Facebook Group into virtual ATM machines, right?

Pro Tip: Be explicit in what your group will offer. Think about who you want to attract in there and why they would want to join it.

Get Niche Specific with your Facebook Group Focus

Next up for my Facebook Group Secrets… focus.

You’ve identified who you want to attract to this community now so what niche do they fall into? The more specific you can be in your focus the more successful your group will be. And here’s the truth of it too … when you are niche specific be it a way of eating, fashion or jewellery trends, hair care, etc. the more effective your content will be. It will be more effective in its creation and in the delivery.

Always put yourself in your prospects shoes — if you were seeking out a Facebook Group what would you look for? Chances are you would resonate with a group that is specific to your needs.

Pro Tip: Identify the niche, focus in on the need and deliver.

Keep your Prospect Groups for you, and you only

I know this can be a tougher one to digest. Because, of course you want to work with your friends and teammates — I get it. However, this can cause much confusion and even challenges down the line which can ultimately be avoided.

Spend your time creating a community that belongs to you. (more in the video on this!)

Did you find this helpful? What will your Facebook Group focus on?

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