Facebook Group network marketing

Facebook Group Tips to Grow your Network Marketing Business

Though our reasons for being on Facebook and the ways we use it have evolved throughout the years, we never actually considered it for its networking purposes until a few years ago. Sure, we were part of a Facebook Group or a hundred (right?!) but we never harnessed the power. Until we did … And then? Well, game changer.

Choosing the Right Facebook Group to be part of

The idea of community, is absolutely dependent on the group as we understand it. If you want some answers to burning questions about birthing classes in the United States,  you probably aren’t in search of the camaraderie and bonding that are common to the California Surfers crew.

Additionally, if you are a network marketer joining a direct sales (for sales) Facebook Group, you can imagine why you probably aren’t gaining the right traction from your recruiting style posts. And yet, so many people belong to hundreds of groups.

Ones, they don’t even remember joining.

So, let’s be honest — how helpful are those ones?

They’re not.

Minimize your Time. Maximize your Impact.

Facebook Group network marketing

A Facebook Group is one of the best places on Facebook to build lasting relationships. Because, when people gather around a common interest, it creates amazing opportunities to share status updates, photos, connections and more.

In network marketing, we know that relationships are the blood, sweat and tears of our business. We can choose who to work with (and who not to), we have options on who we can learn from (and not), and more importantly — we meet and work with some of the most amazing humans ever.

And yet, this is continuously lost throughout the process.

Probably, the same way the power in a Facebook Group can get lost because you are too caught up in selling, or recruiting, or frankly, throwing your business up all over everyone! (sorry, sort of).

The tips we want to share today, are specific to how to use existing Facebook groups to grow your business. In future, we will focus a post on how to create, build and grow a Facebook Group community.

Tips to Grow your Business using Facebook Groups

Let’s start with the basics. In our opinion, spend some time removing yourself from the hundreds of groups you are in. Seriously, you haven’t looked at them for months — or more.

We know this probably will feel like an impossible task so do yourself a favor and start with deleting 10-15 a day. This isn’t meant to end up taking up more of your time, so in moderation is fine, just stay consisted at it.

What this will do, is make sure that the groups that will be of benefit to you (and your business) you won’t miss posts, you will have an opportunity to be consistently active in them, etc.

Tip #1 How to Find the Right Groups to Join

When you are logged into your Facebook Profile, in the left hand column there is a menu option that says ‘Groups’, select that.

Here is where the Groups you have already joined, exist. However, to the top of the page (and as shown in the image below) is a tab at the top that reads ‘Discover’. Select that.

Facebook Group Network Marketing

As you can see, based on our browsing activity, interactions, pages liked, etc., Facebook has created several categories that ‘fit’ my behaviors. This is a great place to start. Under this list are several suggestions of groups to join.

General rule of thumb, give the group a scroll does this look like somewhere you…

  1. Want to spend your time?
  2. Are there others engaging?
  3. Is it full of spam?
  4. Are there areas you can add value?

If none of those few categories are satisfied — Leave. There is absolutely zero need to stick it out. There are way too many other Facebook Groups available to stick it out somewhere that will not benefit you.

Searching for Relevant Groups

In the event you can’t seem to find something of interest or benefit in the Facebook suggested list — the other thing you can do is search for relevant groups.

  1. Enter a relevant keyword in the search box at the top left of the page.
  2. Click the Groups tab to see a list of groups related to your search term.
  3. Select the name of the Facebook group to learn more. Or, click join to become a member of the group

When you join a Facebook group that is made up of people who match your target audience, you’ll have multiple opportunities to improve awareness of yourself and your business by being helpful. Which leads us into Tip number two.

Tip #2 Provide Solutions to Facebook Group Members Questions

Spend time in the trenches. The greatest communities enjoy participation from community leaders. That’s why it is important to spend time in the chosen Facebook groups. Don’t just join it and forget it. Make it a daily habit to go into your groups and answer questions, interact with members, welcome new members, and even give shout-outs to people.

You see, the more active you are — loving on people and sharing value, people will start to reach out to you. In fact, this is where they could start to look to you as the expert. Now, keep in mind this shouldn’t mean posting like crazy all the time, or sharing things just for the sake of sharing. Remember, value trumps quantity ALL DAY when it comes to Facebook Group posts.

Facebook Group network marketing

You might be surprised a the number questions that go unanswered in Facebook groups because they simply get lost in the newsfeed. This is also why joining groups of interest to you — is key. Let’s say you love horseback riding. Now sure, this might not have anything to do with your business but it will help attract people who enjoy the same things as you.

This, helps to establish the first layer of trust. Common interests are powerful things.

Position Yourself as the Expert

There are many Facebook Group communities that are just begging for your expertise — you just need to find them. Let’s look at a few examples.

Essential Oils Distributor — Consider joining groups that focus on holistic healing, sleep difficulties, natural remedies, etc. Although these groups don’t scream direct sales or join my business it is probable there are people asking questions relevant to the solution you have to offer.

Remember, answer — don’t sell. Provide value, answers and solutions. This is not a place to drop your link. Seriously, please don’t do that.

Weight Management and Nutrition Company — Consider joining groups that are specific to healthy on the go tips, low calorie recipes, or food prep. Again, this does not scream buy my weight loss shake but could position you in a way to offer a solution.

Once you have established your customer profile or demographic, choosing which groups will also be a simpler task.

Final Thoughts on Facebook Group Tips for your Business

The key to starting anything, is action.

Facebook groups can be an incredibly effective way to grow your network, position yourself as an expert and expand your brand overall. Staying away from the ‘expected’ groups are key — determine your interests, where do you shine, what are your strengths?

Join those groups. Be active in them.

Offer value. Open dialogue. Create relationships. 

Let us know — are Facebook Groups something you are currently using? Or, perhaps something you will now add to your business strategy?

We love your feedback!

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