How to Use Facebook Groups for Network Marketing

I am going to bet that you are likely part of a few Facebook Groups. And, if you are not using them effectively for your business yet, you should be. Unfortunately, most people aren’t quite sure what that looks like. Maybe they’re not even sure where to start.

And, since most people don’t know where to start – this is where things start to go wrong. Chances are, you may have been one of those people who launched your business and quickly followed by opening a Facebook Group and inviting all your friends and family.

Or worse, you started to add people to your Facebook Groups without even having had a conversation with them before. I will touch on that in this post a little bit. But, more importantly I want to teach you another way to use groups to your advantage.

Using Existing Facebook Groups to Leverage Your Business

Let’s think back to before you joined your network marketing or direct sales company. What was your activity like on Facebook? Were you among the majority of the people who used it to keep in contact with family and friends, share an odd video or joke maybe?

And then suddenly, you launched this amazing business and everything changed?

Let’s spend a moment to think about that.

Your timeline consisted of things you liked to share. This probably ranged from things like pictures of your family, friends and pets. I would bet you shared a funny video, or a post that made others laugh. And, let’s talk engagement for a moment.

What did that look like? Might be a wild guess, but I imagine you engaged on posts that interested you, and your family, friends and network did the same with your posts. Then, suddenly you launched your business and every post became an advertisement, or those common catch phrases we see all the time.

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As a a result, your engagement slowed down. Stopped even.

Your posts in groups became all about your product or business – and seemingly, no one in your ‘fans of dogs’ Facebook Groups found the similarities. This is because … there aren’t any. At a time, you joined that group because you were interested in the topics, finding people who shared the same interests as you.

You connected with people who had similar interests, on the foundation of liking the same things.

Read that last sentence again.

For some strange reason, remembering these basic things gets lost in the excitement of launching your business. We expect that everyone will want to hear more about these amazing products, and even in groups like ‘fans of dogs’ should want to know about your toothpaste or weightless shake.

Let me paint a much different picture for you, and perhaps you will see the connection we’re making in terms of using existing Facebook groups to leverage your business. (we will stay with the ‘fans of dogs’ theme for the purposes of this example)

You love dogs. And, back before network marketing or direct sales existed (or maybe even more recently), you joined a group that was for people who love dogs too. You commented on cute pictures, shared some of your own. Maybe, you spoke of the dog food of choice your home uses. Or, you shared stories of what toys your dog didn’t completely destroy in 2.5 seconds.

It was a place you enjoyed simply hanging out. You connected with dog owners from all over the place – some of which, you may even spend time talking about things other than dogs. Perhaps you formed a connection with a few and sent friend requests.

Where, you continued to nurture that relationship.

The one you started because of your love for dogs. 

Remember, people do business (or buy from) people they know and trust. It is possible if you continued to nurture that dog lovers relationship – that if you shared the odd curiosity post about your business in the mix of your timeline, or shared more about others in messenger – through conversation – you would find that speaking of your business would come naturally.

And, because you formed a relationship, based on a common interest, this person wouldn’t all of a sudden felt sold!

See how powerful that is?

And yet, completely overlooked or made to be complicated.

So, what can you do?

Next Steps to Leverage Facebook Groups for Your Business

  1. Audit your existing groups. Seriously, open up your list of joined groups on Facebook and spend some time removing yourself from ones you no longer engage in. Or, ones that don’t interest you any longer. Make a list of your Top 3-5. Add those 3-5 to your ‘favorites’ so they don’t get lost in the mix of everything else.
  2. If it has been a while since you ‘hung out’ in these groups – take this opportunity to introduce yourself. Maybe share a thank you for including me, or express your favorite thing about being a part of it. This might mean you are reintroducing yourself, and that’s OK too!
  3. Every week, engage on at least 3-5 posts in those groups. This means, comment on a post that interests you, one where you have some value to share. Using the ‘posters’ name in your comment is a great way to get their attention too. Be genuine and authentic in your comment. This might mean taking a few minutes to generate a well thought out response, but a few minutes that may turn out to be well worth it.
  4. Lastly, make a post of your own, twice a week in those groups. Most importantly though – make this post relevant to the group you are in. If it’s a group about ‘fans of dogs’ make sure the post is about dogs.

Post Example for Facebook Groups

It is no secret to those who know me, I love golf. And, as a result I belong to several groups pertaining to the sport. I might make a post in there sharing a win like;

Golfed two under par today for the first time on this course! Such a great day 🙂 Did anyone else golf today?’

Or, a post looking for the hottest new clubs to purchase;

‘Looking to purchase a new set of clubs. What is everyone using these days? Any recommendations? I’m in the Indiana area’.

These posts are specific, and by asking a question I am soliciting feedback. A way to open dialogue and generate a conversation. Given the level of interaction in the group all together, these results will vary – but you may also create a great trend to reengage others too.

Overall, Facebook Groups can be an amazing way to meet new people that you already share a common interest in. When you have a solid foundation to start with, the rest because so much easier. It will help take the pressure off you from opening a ‘cold conversation‘, and people will more than likely be interested in what you have to say (beyond the Facebook Group).

I would love to hear from those of you who execute the Four (4) steps listed above – and definitely share in the comment section below how you found this helped you. Any example would be great too! Love your feedback.

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