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Facebook Live Beginners | FB Live Z

Facebook Live Beginners (and those of course who are making it happen, but want to learn more on how to create sales teams and close sales and services with this platform)

As many of my readers know, I’ve built multiple successful businesses with the use of social media. So, when Facebook Live came about – I was excited to dive right in. Having said, I can appreciate there are a lot of different emotions that come with videos, let alone live videos. Is the lighting OK, what if I forget what to say, I’m nervous, scared even! I get it. I may not have the magic word to have all of those feelings just disappear…

But I can tell you that Facebook Live is worth every emotion, good or bad. It gives you a real opportunity to engage with people – customers or not – and work on establishing that relationship of trust with them. Naturally, I wanted to find some way to help – so I got to work. Created with a partner (you’ll love him too) essentially a Facebook Live for beginners – a program that you can take advantage of today called FB Live Z.

Do You Understand The Power Of Facebook Live?

Powerful would be an understatement. I have watched many of my clients and colleagues businesses transform as a result of this Facebook integrated platform, even those who viewed themselves as Facebook Live Beginners. Real time with the opportunity to save those videos and continue to interact with your audience. The list goes on really – from Facebook algorithm love, sharing capabilities, from personal and business pages. Powerful.

Let me give you a sneak peak of what to expect in the program we just launched,¬†FB Live Z with the beginner in mind – now perhaps you’re saying “Coach Fryer, I’ve done Facebook Live videos before”, and I would tell you “That’s amazing, are they also converting to sales and/or business for you?” If the answer is yes – then, you’re a ROCKSTAR and keeping crushing it. If the answer is no, then this program is also for you.

Facebook Live Beginners – What To Expect With FB Live Z

  • How To Overcome Fear Of Video
  • How To Get Started On FB Live
  • How To Prepare For A FB Live
  • How To Create Content For FB Live
  • How To Get Engagement On FB Live
  • How To Repurpose Your FB Live
  • How To Re Boost FB Lives (Hack Revealed)
  • Fan Page Vs Profile
  • How To Generate Leads From FB Live
  • How To Make Sales From Your FB Live

The best part? We already have a growing list of customers with business and life changing testimonials Рwho like you, were Facebook Live Beginners. Billy Funk (whom I launched this program with) and I, realized we probably over delivered with this product Рand instead of scaling it back a bit Рwe turned around and offered bonuses too!

In any event, if you have any questions, comments or feedback I always love to hear from you and let me know when you’ve grabbed and thought of the FB Live Z program!

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