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Truth: Facebook Live is the fastest way to reach the most people without needing any fancy bells and whistles. It doesn’t require you to do anything except press that ‘live’ button on your cell phone. No need for a flashy website or top of the line cameras. Seriously.

Facebook and a cell phone, it really is that simple. Because, the other truth to that is that most people have access to this social media platform. Two Billion people in the last thirty (30) days accessed Facebook – I think you might agree with us that is a pretty decent reach.

Let’s put this into perspective though.

When is the last time you hosted a home party? Or alternatively, how many people came out when you invited them to attend an event with you? Please understand, we are not suggesting these things never work. But, I think you would agree with us that these traditional ways of marketing are dwindling and people like you, are looking for alternatives.

Social Media Being an Excellent Choice.

Technology continues to advance and more than anything it is creating a space for people to build successful network marketing and direct sales business from home.

I remember when my wife and I are started into this wonderful profession. After a long day of work, the last thing anyone felt like doing was hosting a home party, or getting in the car to drive to someone’s home to help them. Been there? Nothing worse than driving after a long day for an hour or more to arrive at a home party that no one showed up for.

You see, even with online parties (that were on an uphill trend for bit there) didn’t require you to leave your home. And, if this was an ongoing sale they didn’t even require you to be live either. To some degree, they were a set it and forget it model.

However, the differences between online parties and getting on a Facebook Live are immeasurable. Meaning, the reach into your own network and to the people you have yet to ‘meet’ through by using Facebook Live is paramount to anything else the platform has to offer right now. (check out the shares alone on this Facebook Live I did a few weeks ago … ) 

Facebook Live

Don’t Overcomplicate this Feature

Seriously. The most common thing we hear among our clients and our Free Facebook Community for Network Marketers and Direct Sales Consultants is this;

‘I’m too scared to do Facebook Live’

Guess what? The only person who can overcome that, is you. This feature allows you to talk about anything, literally. And, it enables you to dive right into topics that you are an ‘expert’ in. Consider this angle — go live on a topic you are passionate about. Or, consider a subject that you are great at like teaching people how to create graphics, or a cooking a great recipe.

Maybe, you are an expert at blogging or motivational stories. Bottom line is everyone is great at something. Figure that out, and go live.

Let me paint another picture for you.

Let’s assume, you are in the business of skin care. Maybe you’ll talk about parabens in skin care products.

Maybe health and wellness is your vehicle, consider talking about how you use a certain nutritional supplement to help heal a sports injury.

Essential Oils connoisseur? Show your audience how to make a DIY kitchen cleaner out of essential oils and natural ingredients.

The list of possibilities is endless. Once you think outside the box a little bit you will see there are dozens of topics you can teach others about that are loosely (or more directly) related to your product or service that you can talk about. Even train on.

The key thing to remember is this …

Facebook Live

Deliver Value and you will WIN every time.

Oh! and HAVE FUN!

Topic Ideas to Talk About on Facebook Live

To help you come up with ideas of what to talk about, here’s a short list of areas you can cover;

  1. Host a Question and Answer about a topic of interest
  2. Share your office or studio set up – design ideas
  3. Do a ‘get ready with me’ be it makeup, fashion, hair care, etc.
  4. Host a book reading
  5. Share a movie review
  6. Holiday ideas for gifts, foods, decorations
  7. Discuss a great sale you just landed
  8. Ask for feedback on furniture you are thinking about buying
  9. Do a cooking or baking demonstration
  10. Talk about your weight loss (or gain) journey
  11. Share what inspires you
  12. Do a live workout routine
  13. Offer relationship or business advice
  14. Share mistakes you have made and what you learned from it
  15. Relate to others who are possibly going through a similar obstacle as you

If it would be helpful, we would love to send you a PDF with a list of 50+ ideas – let us know in the comments if you would like a copy! (and make sure you have subscribed to our email list and we will be sure that you get one! 

Using Facebook Live for your Business

When you use Facebook Live through your personal profile, you get to choose your audience. You can broadcast publicly, friends only, a specific friends list, etc. Since one of the keys from a business perspective is to broadcast live and reach the most amount of people (especially those not necessarily connected to you) public is the way to go.

Let’s talk ‘live viewer count’ for a second. Do not worry about how many people are watching at the time of your broadcast. In fact, the majority of your views and engagement will come from replay viewers.

Knowing this, take a moment at the beginning of your broadcast to welcome replay viewers – and suggest even they drop a ‘waving hand’ in the comment section if they are watching on a replay. And, the same can be asked of your live viewers drop your ‘favorite emoji’ in the comments if you are here with me live.

This will do a couple of things;

  1. Allow you to interact with people in the comment section through comments whether they were live, or watching a playback.
  2. Get people engaged who otherwise may just enjoy sitting back and didn’t even consider saying anything until you asked.

Human behavior, tells us that whether we like to do it or not — we like to be told what to do. So, be mindful not to ever overlook a ‘Call to Action’. These call to actions are imperative! Sure, you want people to enjoy your Facebook Live, but you would also love for them to;

  • Connect with you
  • Visit your blog or website
  • Subscribe
  • Share the video

Facebook Live… and anything else that will help promote the opportunity of connecting with them again. By connecting with people on a more personal level, this will help you begin to establish a relationship moving forward. And, we know that people will buy from and do business with people they know, like and trust.

By the way, we have a Facebook Live Mini Course that you may want to check out on more details of running a successful Facebook Live. You can grab that mini course >>> HERE!

When you introduce people to your network marketing company products or opportunity you are doing something called:

Prospecting – think of prospecting as planting seeds! It is rare that someone signs up in your business after just one exposure. You typically need to water the seed! By hosting a Facebook Live, you are watering the seeds. And, when done correctly those seeds will reach a point of harvest.

Creating online content is a great way to nurture your current and future prospects. *Please note, you should rarely (if EVER) have to mention your business or products on a Live video. Sharing value, positioning yourself as an expert, introducing your journey, etc. will create more sales and more recruits – I promise.

Creating valuable online content is a form of:

Marketing – Think of your social media efforts as watering seeds! And think of Facebook Live as some kind of miracle grow water.

Because, it is. 

Few Strategies When Going Live

  1. Build anticipation by letting people know when you’ll be broadcasting live. ‘Going Live in 5 where I’ll be sharing my social media strategy’.
  2. Be mindful of your description and/or title before going live. Emojis are found to be effective here as well (just don’t overdo those!) A great description will capture fans’ attention and help them understand what your broadcast is about.
  3. Be creative. Get out of your comfort zone. Go Live often! Try different types of broadcasts – and go live frequently to keep your audience engaged.
  4. Plan out your content. Have notes handy to keep you on track if you feel more comfortable that way. Know what you are going to talk about beforehand and like Nike says … just do it.

We would love to hear about your Facebook Live experiences!

Make sure to leave us a comment below and share the goodies. 

Even if it was your first time!

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