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Top Ways to Use Facebook Live Video for Your Business

Video content on the internet is similar to popcorn. You will probably agree it is always better fresh from the popcorn maker than it would be later. Words like stale and soggy come to mind. So, although we believe there is huge merit in video — period — Facebook Live Video content trumps all.

You see, live video content has this appeal about it.

No bells or whistles or creative editing. It is raw, real and in the moment. Truth is (and not to scare you) but anything can happen, including engaging in real time, with your Facebook audience. Live streaming is all about connecting and interacting. It helps break down barriers and creates a connection that surpass traditional marketing limitations.

Think about this …

What are you likely to remember more?

  1. Reading an interesting article
  2. Watching a video that lets you become part of the conversation?

As stats will continue to show, video wins.

Facebook Live Video has grown over 330% since introducing this platform

… and yet knowing this, a majority of people still aren’t doing them.

Facebook Live Video Amy Smith

Social Impacter Training with Amy Smith on how she enrolled more than 1,000 customers in the last couple months, on Facebook

Seriously let’s think about this for a moment. It has grown to the tune of several hundred percent — and yet, network marketers are almost still ‘late to the party’.

Another fun fact for you — Facebook Live Video viewers are 10X more likely to comment than they would on a pre recorded video. So let’s think about this for a moment, you are worried about lighting and backdrops, time of day or your hair but the stats say something much different.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t add things along the way but what we want to impress upon you is that you do not need these things to get started. Your Facebook Live Video viewers simply want to see and hear you!

Recorded Video vs. Facebook Live Video

Before we dive into the comparisons, know this — any video is better than no video. However, Facebook Live Video trumps recorded video. Here’s a few reasons why;

  1. Facebook Live Videos are watched 3X longer than a recorded video
  2. The daily watch time for Facebook Live has grown more than 4X
  3. Facebook is generating more than 3,000. years of ‘watch’ time, every day

And, the most recent stat (December 2017) suggests that 1 in 5 videos on Facebook is a Live broadcast.

Live streaming has opened up a whole world of opportunities for brands, businesses and network marketing professionals. Not to mention, the time saved in ‘going live’ trumps any other content you would create otherwise.

How much time would it take you to shoot a video tip or answer a question?

Maybe 3 minutes max?

Whereas, we have people ask us daily about creating websites or worrying about Facebook Business pages — these things are incredibly time consuming, require intermediate to advanced skills and so on.

To create a Facebook Live Video, all you need is your smart phone and away you go! 

Do not let thee start, stop you.

Top Ways to Use Facebook Live Video for your Business

Give a behind the scenes look at your business. Share with your audience how you create a product, how to cook your favorite recipe, makeup application, etc. People love watching everything that’s typically off limits. ‘Get Ready With Me’ has been a topic on an uphill trend —ideal for anyone in the beauty business.

Or, tweak that a little to be ‘work out with me’ while you are headed to the gym. Even something like ‘set up a valuable Facebook post’ with a live demo of what you go through to create a powerful post.

Broadcast live events. Are you at a conference, a concert, or some other place others would love to see what is going on? Share it live! But don’t forget to engage with the audience while you’re recording. Walk and talk them through what’s going on, why you’re excited, etc

And, answer the questions that are sent your way.

Remember engaging with viewers is key, even with replay viewers.

When it comes to the replay viewers you can do two things;

  1. Answer the question via reply to their comment (using text) or,
  2. Answering their question on your next Facebook Live Video!
Facebook Live Interview with Marina Simone

Interview with Marina Simone — Top BRANDING Tips

Host interviews. Interview your team members, clients, or important people in your niche. Network marketing is about culture – and all about the people that are a part of it, so let these people speak and your audience will listen. This will not only help edify you as a leader, but give your audience some real goodies from someone with more experience or different perspectives, etc.

Get interactive with a live Q&A. Open yourself up to your audience — answer questions they may have about ‘anything’. This is a great way for you, to learn about them too. Take note of the questions they ask, things they want to know and so on. And, if you don’t know the answer — not problem tell them you will find out. This is not only a great way of demonstrating transparency, but also resourceful and more importantly, human.

Preparing your Audience for your Facebook Live Video

Set the date and time well in advance. Create a graphic (we like Canva) that you can splash on your  Facebook page, and/or other social media platforms to announce your live event. This could be something as simple as ‘going live at 5pm to talk about [insert topic]’.

If you have other Facebook Live Video’s related to this topic, be sure to comment on them letting your viewers know you are going to dive deeper into this topic, or share the next segment of the series.

Facebook Live Video Prep

Using a countdown is also an effective way to promote your Facebook Live event. Quick status 15 minutes before for example will act as a friendly reminder, and share the message with someone who may have missed your original image.

Lastly, if you have an existing email list (advanced to intermediate) send them out a quick broadcast and let them know about your event. This is especially beneficial to those who landed on your email list as a result of a Facebook Live (subject related).


79% of Americans use Facebook—the platform with the second closest usage percentage is Instagram, at 32%. 

Overall, you should (need) to be using Facebook Live Video for your business — the results people are seeing from this platform is so powerful. And, it doesn’t matter whether you are brand new or a seasoned network marketing professional — It truly is for anyone!

We have created a Free Facebook Live Mini Course and we suggest you grab your copy to help you understand the basics, and how some of our clients went from a handful of video views into the thousands. We look forward to hearing about your results too!

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