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Facebook Live And How To Close Sales Using It

At one point or another, you’ve either done your own Facebook Live, or seen someone else on your Facebook Timeline do one (be sure to tune into my Facebook page where I use this feature on a regular basis – may even be where we met!) Now, there’s tons of great stuff online on how to set up your Facebook Live, but I want to use this time to show you how to use this tool effectively and how you can start closing sales by using Facebook Live.

Because we know, that closing sales, drives business.

Space Out Your Facebook Live Videos

Facebook live is powerful when it comes to Facebook algorithm – it sets you up at the top of the newsfeed and often keeps you there for an additional 30 minutes after your live has ended! Now that’s powerful – and even more so important to ensure you’re delivering great content, that converts. After you’ve done a live video, consider waiting two hours or more before posting another status, or video – because Facebook live is favored in the newsfeed you don’t want to have it takeover the views of another post you want others to see.

Re-introduce Yourself, Often

This may feel awkward at first, but because with live video you have people jumping on at random times throughout the broadcast – you want to ensure your viewers know who you are. Here’s an example; “Hey this is Brian Fryer your social media upline I’m going to wait a minute or two and let some others join us”. Insert some filler content, perhaps when you’re going to talk about – within a couple minutes, “Just to recap I see our viewer count climbing, this is Brian Fryer here your social media upline helping other network marketers and direct sales consultants build their business online”. Consider revisiting this introduction or “recaps” every ten to fifteen minutes throughout.

This way, when people have taken value from your broadcast, perhaps loved the nuggets you were dropping, they’re reminded of your name, hearing it a few times throughout will help it stick in their mind – becomes almost a subconscious thought for them, if a similar topic or product comes up later for them in their lives, you want your name to be the one they relate it to – there’s a little psychology lesson for you.

Be Visually Engaging

If you happened to catch my most recent Facebook live, where I was wearing my batman mask (you should really catch that replay) … but I found many new people were chiming in, simply because when the live video appears on the timeline there is no sound – the viewer must click on the video for audio and the more visually engaging you appear, the likelihood of growing your audience is much higher.

Higher engagement translates to more sales.

Encourage Others To Like And Share Your Videos

This is completely encouraged and to some degree expected. You know you’re about to drop some powerful and/or passionate information – the more eyeballs on the material the better – people will thank you for it. If you’re like me, you take time to prepare some quality information to share, value that will only help others for the better – maybe it’s a product demo, perhaps it’s a valuable lesson or teaching, a book review – whatever it might be always ask for the share. Have fun with the thumbs up and hearts as they dance across the screen.

Engage With Your Comment Thread

Engage with your viewers as much as possible, using their names are very effective “Hey Dani so great to see you on here thanks so much for joining us”. Show interest in where your viewers are tuning in from, ask them to share their city, state, or country. This will not only show interest, but give you some quality insight on how far your geographical reach is – this can be very powerful when building a network marketing business for example.

People are more inclined to do business or buy from people they know and trust, become that authority for those viewers by showing a genuine interest in them, and what they have to add to your live video.

Also, remember to ask viewers to subscribe to your live notifications – This will notify them every time you go ‘live’, so they’ll never miss out on the goods!

Say Goodbye Before You Wrap Up

Always thank your audience – you appreciate them chiming in, sharing, and so on. This might include giving viewers an opportunity to ask some questions, you could use this time again to encourage viewers share the video for easy access later, perhaps you have a Facebook Group – or website you want them to check out as well, or send you an inbox for more information on a product or service you spoke about – use this for a soft call to action.

What do you want your viewers to do next?

Bottom line? Have fun. Share great content, connect with your audience and be you! This is a huge step moving forward to building more genuine, true relationships with your audience, and the power of expanding that reach like no other platform has been able to master yet through live video.

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As always, if you got value from this information, please comment below and share on social media and with your teams.