Facebook Mistakes

Stop Making These Common Network Marketing Facebook Mistakes

Social media can be the most lucrative resource when it comes to building a business online. Unfortunately,  most network marketers are hurting their business by using common Facebook mistakes that simply, don’t work. Admittedly, we were guilty of making these mistakes too at one time. 

Probably among the biggest mistake most people make when building their business on social media, is that they post about their product and business opportunity every chance they get.

They feel this is the best way to get eye balls on their offer.

Guess what? It’s not.

We’ve all seen posts that read ‘Hurry! join my Business‘ or  ‘try my life changing products‘.

Or, how about ‘Want to make $5000 in 60 Days?!‘ and the fan favorite ‘I’m looking for 20 people who want to lose 10 sounds by next week!” on Facebook. And then, there are the posts with your company link for people to see on your status update, profile page, in a group, and/or through messenger?

If you are constantly posting your company name, logo, your products, or your business opportunity you will create more resistance than curiosity. Not to mention it will not work in your favor. In fact, it does the opposite. To receive better results from your Facebook audience, you need to stop promoting your company and products; and start promoting yourself instead. 

Be your own brand, instead of promoting the company. People join people — Try not to lose sight of that.

Top 7 Facebook Mistakes Network Marketers are Making

#1 Personal Profile spills all the beans!

We recently did a post about a Facebook Profile Facelift (which included a complimentary audit). You absolutely want to start here. The best facebook profiles are ones that are close to impossible to figure out what someone is doing! They are generally uplifting, packed with value and teachable moments and above all else tell others more about you and your brand. This is among one the easy Facebook mistakes to correct, so please start there.

#2 Facebook Profile is Fort Knox

The only thing worse than a Facebook profile that is a billboard for your company is one that no one can even access. We totally appreciate people have varying views on posting family pictures however, the more personable your profile is the more relatable it becomes. We want people to do what they are comfortable with of course but consider creating a great balance. Often, we never know who is watching and relating we don’t want to miss out on that market.

Additionally, make sure your settings allow for people to send you requests and/or follow you. Without these capabilities, growing a business on Facebook would be close to impossible.

#3 Complaining and/or Negativity

These 2 things should be avoided at all costs! If you have a poor experience you want to share that’s OK just turn it into a teachable moment or lesson learned. We have some great tips on how to actually monetize a bad day so make sure you check this post out – click here – to learn more about this.

#4 Posting your Company Link

Relationships first, sales second. Even if someone comments that they want you to send them the link – message them! Open up a conversation, thank them for reaching out and go from there. When you post your link on your profile or in comments there are a few reasons this is rarely beneficial;

  1. You have no idea who is actually checking out the site
  2. Facebook algorithm does not like links – at all
  3. This process screams sales are what matters
  4. No way to follow up effectively.

.. and this list really could go on, and on. Take the extra few minutes and shoot them a message. In fact, comment on the post something along the lines of ‘will message you!’. Keep it simple, but keep it personable.

Facebook Mistakes

#5 Tagging People in your Company Posts

Think of a time someone tagged you in the products or opportunity post. We would bet you didn’t like it. These types of posts are the fastest way to turn people off what you’re up to, even if you had the ‘right’ intentions. Additionally, check with your settings too – make sure you can review posts that others tag you in. The last thing you want is a timeline flooded with other people’s tags that may or may not even align with you.

#6 Spamming your Products/Services/Company in Facebook Groups

One of the infamous Facebook mistakes is this one.

We recently did a survey in our Social Impacters Community that asked people how many groups they were involved in. Some, were into the hundreds! Not only is this not productive for you and your network marketing business — but chances are you are guilty of being ‘that’ spammer. There are so many groups that are just inundated with product posts and zero value. Stand out, offer some value, feedback, suggestions, experiences, etc.

#7 Month end Desperation

Although month end in the network marketing profession can be a super exciting time it can also be the time of the month that leaves the bad taste in everyone’s mouth. We get it you are excited that you are close to a promotion. And yes, maybe you only need one more sale to do it – but this mindset is only about you. Whereas, this profession has very little to do with us and everything to do with our prospects.

Do not wait until the last moment to start going crazy with your business and sales posts. The best months are the ones worked all month. ‘I only need 1 more person to join me to hit a big rank!’ – so what? Instead, share the positivity, don’t throw away all (or any) of the work you have been putting in hopes of squeezing in one more sale.

Dig deeper. Focus on your relationships and over-delivering in value.

Final Thoughts on Common Facebook Mistakes

So, did any of these mistakes sound familiar? If so, let us know in the comments and what you’ve done to correct them!

Unfortunately, most of us at one time or another is guilty of them. And, this is why we were focused on helping network marketers grow successful businesses on Facebook without the junk that can sometimes come with it.

Facebook is a social platform, so be social!

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