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These Tweaks will Attract more Comments to your Facebook Post

Tired of spending time on what feels like a solid Facebook post and all you get are crickets? Although there is a ton of information out there that ‘likes & comments‘ aren’t everything … They are without question a solid foundation. And, we are here to tell you — they do matter .

We know in simple terms that the algorithm loves engagement, right? So, although not every comment will generate a sale for you it can absolutely expose your post to more people. And, this is where generating more engagement on your Facebook post (s) matters maybe even more than we realize.

A Solid Facebook Post Deserves Engagement

It amazes us sometimes when we come across some dynamite content online and there is little to no engagement. You see, in our opinion, people underestimate the process. You can write a solid Facebook post that no one may ever see. And, it is for this reason we wanted to share a few tricks that have helped grow our engagement over time.

There is nothing more discouraging than taking the time to plan out your content, execute on your strategy and then no one sees it. This tells us as the writer, that no one cared enough — right? Where the truth is it’s possible Facebook didn’t show it to anyone.

Having said that, what is important to know is how to give Facebook what it wants, and as a result, receive what we ‘want’.

Attract more Comments to your Facebook Post

Organic engagement is critical on your Facebook Profile. Now, you might be wondering what does organic traffic mean? This traffic is one that is referred to as ‘earned not paid’. When it comes to a Facebook post, organic traffic refers to those who see your post on their newsfeed, or friends of friends newsfeeds based solely on the engagement of others.

Other types of traffic include;

  1. Referral: Traffic that occurs when a user finds you through a site other than a major search engine
  2. Social: Traffic from a social network, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram
  3. Paid search: Traffic from search engine results that is the result of paid advertising via Google AdWords or another paid search platform
  4. Email: Traffic from email marketing that has been properly tagged with an email parameter
  5. Direct: Any traffic where the referrer or source is unknown.

So yes, all traffic is great traffic but organic is what most brands strive for. As a result, this is where most network marketers (and marketers alike) strive for.

Comments are the most effective method of Facebook engagement, thanks to the ‘queuing up’ psychology…

… more and more people feel inclined to engage when they see an already active discussion in the thread. So how do you attract more comments to your Facebook post?

Here are a few effective strategies to implement today.

#1 Way to Attract more Comments on your Facebook Post — Ask Questions (open & closed)

People love to share their opinion – good, bad or indifferent. They love to share their experiences and thoughts. So when you create a Facebook post that poses a question — the likelihood of engagement is 10X, literally.

When you ask questions to your audience it triggers something called ‘instinctive elaboration’. Psychologically it causes people to reflect on the question and formulate an answer. Think of the last time you were scrolling your newsfeed and you saw someone had posted a question, did you stop to answer? Even take half a second to think about what the answer would be?

Majority of people answer, ‘yes‘. Simply, because it’s human nature to do so. Use this to your advantage. A good question typically has these qualities:

  1. Open — These types of questions promote an open-ended discussion.
  2. Timely — Revolves around a current trend or a hot topic.
  3. Easy — Doesn’t require too much thinking and invites an impulsive or emotional answer.

#2 Way to Attract more Comments on your Facebook Post — Flow of your Facebook Post Matters

Want people to comment more? Ask them to comment. Sounds way too simple but the reality is humans love to be told what to do. Asking people their thoughts, reactions, opinions, etc. helps open the door to a discussion that they may not have joined in otherwise.

Instead of actually asking users to comment, use the following update types;

  1. Caption this — Post a funny picture and ask your followers to come up with funny captions.
  2. Fill in the blank — Come up with a funny sentence and invite your audience to fill in the blank. (Example … I am __________ )
  3. Multiple choice — Ask your audience to help you choose something. Give them the power to choose your next banner or marketing creative.

#3 Way to Attract more Comments on your Facebook Post — Be Personable

Write in a personal voice. If you want more engagements from individuals, you’ll need to make sure you write in a personal, authentic and approachable voice. Use your brand voice with some personality and charm from the individual writing with it. Share pieces about you, as though you are telling the story.

People love to see glimpses of your life and when you implement personal storytelling type strategies, paired with the other 2 tips above — Engagement Gold Mine!

#4 Way to Attract more Comments on your Facebook Post – Give Them Something

Give people something practical. People love to enhance their own lives, right? That’s how life hacks have come to be so popular. If you give your audience information or content that can improve their lives somehow, by teaching or showing them something, they’ll be far more likely to engage with you and/or share it with their own friends and networks.

Value, will never fail you.

#5 Way to Attract more Comments on your Facebook Post — Challenge your Audience

Challenge assumptions. It is true, most of us like to hear that we’re right all the time. How vain, right? However, you’ll generate more engagements if you challenge or question your audiences’ assumptions. Present some new information that contradicts long-standing beliefs, or introduce doubt in an area that’s long been considered unquestionable in your industry.

This tweak is designed for more advanced marketers because you want to ensure that this type of Facebook post isn’t just for shock and awe but that it aligns with your brand and your message.

Don’t Wait – Write that Facebook Post!

Familiar with the saying tomorrow never comes? You’ve read the post, you have seen the tweaks the rest, is up to you. Go take action. Implement one or more of the tweaks listed here and make it happen!

Engagement is a powerful tool. And although we may not see its benefits up front, we promise, the rewards will come. Consider this the planting stage – are you ready for your harvest?

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