Facebook Posts That Can Hurt Your Network Marketing Business

Facebook Posts That Can Hurt Your Network Marketing Business

Facebook Posts that can hurt your network marketing businessI felt this was a necessary post, and I am hoping you agree. I also hope that if you feel it is speaking about you, that you implement the strategies I’ll include to help this not be you. Because, the truth is, there are Facebook posts that can hurt your network marketing business, and you may not even realize it.

In fairness, it’s likely what you’ve been taught to do – perhaps by an upline (who I am sure, means well) – but that doesn’t make it OK.

In fact, it’s annoying, and unproductive to the industry as a whole.

I believe, that as network marketers, there is a need for professionalism, and leading by example at all times. The sooner we rid our eyeballs of dollar signs, and ‘see’ the business with our heart, our passion, our soul – the sooner the following horrible habits, will diminish.

Facebook Posts That Can Hurt Your Network Marketing Business

1). Posting things like; ‘I only have space for 3-5 new people to personally coach and mentor this month’. My response to this is 1) why are you limiting yourself in. your own post – because we both know you’re not going to say no to the 6th, and 2) what qualifies you as a mentor? Why should people take you seriously when you post the same pitch month after month?

2). Have a look at your Facebook profile/timeline. Do you resemble an infomercial? When you give your audience all the goods about your business, from products to services, to costs to income claims, etc. You are leaving them zero reason to contact you, not too mention eventually, they’ll just tune you out.

3). Copy and Paste statuses! Probably the most common in the world of ‘Do NOT do’! (please). There’s nothing worse than scrolling through a Timeline on Facebook of the same statuses over and over again.

4). SPAM! In simple terms, irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients (as per Google). There is nothing personable, or enticing about receiving the same message as every other ‘you look like someone I’d like to connect with’ person gets. Facebook Posts that can hurt your network marketing business

5). Posting ‘money shots’ or pictures of your ‘cheques’ (or worse someone else’s cheque! This just isn’t tasteful – there are so many more productive and classy ways of speaking about income potential (we talk about this in my Facebook community)

6). Negative or Derogatory posts – These ones come often be blatant, but the ones that come to mind most often are the ones who put down people working a job, a career. Because the truth is, most people in network marketing, are employed by someone else, and work their business part time. When you bash on other people, there’s nothing about that, that says hey I want to work with that person!

The long and short of it, there are Facebook posts that can hurt your network marketing business, and if you are using Facebook to build your business (which I believe everyone should be) look at it as your first impression.

If all you want to be known for is that person who posts like an infomercial and has nothing original about themselves, then hey – who am I to judge? I just want to equip network marketers with the right tools to enable them to build a successful business using social media.

Lastly, I want to leave you with a few things to think about – and I would love your feedback on them.

  • Annoying people is not a good recruiting strategy
  • People don’t join companies, they join people
  • In order to succeed in our industry, you need to be someone worth joining
  • Your team will do what you do, so you need to set the example
  • Most of your friends and family, are not your ‘target’ market

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As always, if you got value from this information, please comment below and share on social media and with your teams.

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