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6 Facebook Posts That Will Help You Crush It

Do you find yourself tapped out of ideas? You know it’s beneficial to post regularly on Facebook, but you feel like you’ve covered it all? In this blog, I will give you six ideas for Facebook posts that will help you crush your business.

These posts will help you create a content strategy overflowing with ideas. But, too often, we overthink the process. So, let me help you take the guesswork out of what to post. And what you may not realize is that dozens of variations of Facebook posts are effective. The common trend among them all is consistency.

6 Facebook Posts to help you Crush It


#1 Storytelling


Telling stories, authentic ones, are always winners. They are an opportunity for you to share your journey, vulnerability, thoughts and experiences. Compelling storytelling is one of the best ways to position yourself to be more relatable to your audience. Whether you want to share a more personal moment about growth and overcoming obstacles – or your business journey – they are each effective when stories are involved.

Remember, you don’t need to give the whole story away with one post. Instead, consider spreading them out over a month, even with weekly updates.

These posts are especially effective when related to health and wellness journeys.

Action Tip: Create a timeline of events in your life that you want to share. Divide them into minor points to share over several days.

Then, match these stories with images related to the information you are about to share. And remember, stock photos are not always effective on platforms like Facebook – this is a personal story. So match it with unique images.

But PLEASE make sure you are posting pictures that aren’t blurry or of poor quality. Most mobile devices have great cameras, so using them is not a problem; take a few shots to ‘get it right if you need to.

#2 Share Motivational Pictures


Quotes and motivational messages are among the most shared content across all social media platforms. So, this tells us that many people are doing it, right? Knowing that, make sure yours are standing out. What I mean by this is to share a brief sentence as to why the quote or message you share resonates with you.

You will never, ever run out of these images to share. And consider creating your own using a website like Canva – they have many templates to choose from and allow you to personalize the message you want to share.

Additionally, this is an excellent way to start getting consistent in your brand messaging. Find the fonts and colors you love the most – and use them often.

Action Tip: Avoid sharing motivational images or quotes you come across online. Take the extra few minutes to recreate them as your own. We know that organic Facebook posts are always given preference in the newsfeed anyways, right?

So use this as leverage to improve your brand and gain more visibility. Alternatively, save the image and repost it as your own (keep credit where credit is due and avoid cropping out author names, etc.)

#3 ‘Caption This’


Have a great image (be it personal or one you came across) that could use a great caption? Post it up for your audience to see with a tagline that reads ‘caption this.’ These are typically dynamite engagement posts and can be pretty entertaining.

These images are best when they are thought-provoking or elicit a giggle.

Action Tip: Include in your Facebook post a sentence that includes ‘my caption is in the comments. This indirectly tells your audience to check out what is in the comments and, as a result, makes them more likely to engage with you.

#4 Create a Poll or Survey


When you are set to create a Facebook post, you are prompted with a few different features.

  1. Posts a photo/video
  2. Share a post
  3. Go Live
  4. Create a poll

… and so on.

Take advantage of these features! The best surveys (or polls) are ones people are almost guaranteed to have an opinion about.

For example, the excellent iPhone vs. Android debate is still a top one. However, you can also use these to understand better what your audience likes or dislikes.

Depending on the business you are working with/on, you can also cater to these polls to tell you more about your ideal customer or team member. Think outside the box!

Action Tip: Check out what’s trending (Google will always tell you!) and create a poll or survey around that topic. This is an excellent start because people are already talking about it.

#5 Ask for a Solution to a Problem


Consider posing a question to your audience that you want an answer to; what are the best vacation spots? How do you cook your burgers on the BBQ?

Leave these questions open-ended so that it opens dialogue with those responding. People love to help, but more than that, they love sharing their opinions. Naturally, like your other content, make sure it’s genuine – you want to ensure you are not just making Facebook posts that scream ENGAGE with me!

You want to ensure you are keeping it in alignment with who you are and your overall message.

Action Tip: Always ‘react’ and comment on those who answer your problem. Even if it’s a simple thank you, this will keep the dialogue going and encourage others to join in on the discussion.

stories challenge

#6 Go Live, Seriously!


I will continue to stress the importance of using Live Videos (and Reels) to your advantage. Take in these quick facts for a moment;

  1. High engagement – People comment on Facebook Live videos 10X more than the rate of pre-recorded videos.
  2. Preferred medium – 80% of audiences would rather watch a video than read longer Facebook posts. Reels has continued to reinforce this with smaller snippet videos!
  3. Longer watch time – Facebook reported that the daily watch time for Facebook Live broadcasts continues to grow.
  4. Drives event sales – 67% of audiences who have watched a Live video at an event have purchased a ticket to a similar event the next time it occurs.
  5. A wider range of age groups – 63% of people ages 18 to 34- regularly watch live videos.


Studies show that users spend half their time on Facebook and Instagram watching videos. This is likely what prompted Meta to expand the popular Reels feature from Instagram to Facebook.

Action Tip: Just do it 🙂

Make sure you share this with your team and others who can benefit. A solid content strategy must include Facebook posts that will help keep you consistent, appeal to various audiences and preferences, and help you stand out from the crowd!

What are your ‘go-to’ Facebook posts? Do you find that some of them have been more effective than others? Let us know in the comments!

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