Facebook Profile Facelift

Most Network Marketers need a Facebook Profile Facelift

After all is said and done, your Facebook Profile has stood the test of time. There may have been other social media platforms that looked promising,  but Facebook continues to win. Having said that, we come across a ton of profiles that are desperate need of an overhaul.

It is probable that you are not seeing the success you want there, based solely on what your personal Facebook profile looks like. And so, we wanted to dedicate an entire post on how to make it work for you.

Welcome to your Facebook Profile Facelift

It is likely, that when you joined your network marketing business you posted it on Facebook, right? And, you may have gone as far as updating your About Section too with your newest ‘employer‘. Additionally, you may have changed your cover photo to your company name and/or products — basically you turned yourself into a billboard.

Guess what?

These things act more like repellent than anything! So the good news is, we can fix this — and along the way, we’re going to share a few things that should help increase your engagement with a few simple tweaks.

3 Tips to Boost Engagement (without changing your social media strategy!) 

Ensure that the About Me section of your profile is completely filled out.

This does not mean using your company name, etc. but it does mean sharing a little bit more about you!

The more of this information you have completed, the greater your chances that you will show up in Facebook and search engine results with anything that aligns with what you have shared. You obviously want to monopolize as many of the results on a Search Engine Results Page for your brand/name as possible, and your Facebook profile is a GOLD MINE for keywords.

Your Facebook profile pic is the most important picture on your profile page …

… because it’s seen in the most places: news feed, timeline posts, comments and posts on other pages, etc.

When uploading, use a square image and remember that your profile pic will appear smaller in different places. Make sure it’s simple enough to be visible as small as 43 x 43 pixels, which is the size used for your post comments. Make this a picture of YOU!

Not your company logo, not your dog and we know you love your kids but not them either (unless you’re in it). Seriously, your face is who people want to and will connect with.

Next up, your Facebook Profile Cover Photo

For the cover image, you want to make it clear and quickly what you’re all about. Remember, this is the biggest image on your page, so keep it on topic. Now, in reference to being on topic — choose something that really represents who you are. This is the typically the second image people will notice while on your page.

What does your cover photo say about you?

For the best image quality, use one that is at least 851 x 315 minimum pixels.

When it comes to Facebook Profile and Cover Images …

Change them up! And often (every 2-3 months). The image should remain clear and of you, however consider changing them up to reflect events in your life. If your daughter is attending prom, perhaps an image of the two of you. Or, maybe your son just graduated preschool — an awesome picture of you 2 would be super effective. Alternatively, maybe you are on a trip to Paris and a picture. by the Eiffel Tower seems appropriate.

Changing up your profile and cover photos are great ways to open up new conversations with those who engage on them.

It highlights key parts of your life that will likely resonate with others — and this, is what we want. It helps you become relatable and helps others connect with you on a level other than business. We know this matters because, people do business with people they know, like and trust!

The Little Details do Matter!

Although it may seem trivial, areas of your Facebook profile such as; your education, birthday and favorite quotes for example — are key to building your network. When it comes to education, listing your last school, be it high school, college, university, etc. helps identify you to others who attended the same places. You never know when your long lost friend from high school needs a little extra cash, right?

Or BIRTHDAY! this is among one of the best features. What do people do when they realize it’s your birthday? They message you or post on your wall, right? What better way to jump into a conversation with someone that opens with a thank you.

And lastly, those quotes or words of wisdom. Believe it or not, this area of a Facebook profile is viewed more often than one might think, There is a reason all of those areas still exist after all these years. We have seen a lot of features come and go, but you can always count on those 3.

Don’t underestimate them.

Final Tweaks for your Facebook Profile Facelift

As you continue your growth as a network marketing professional, you can take these tips and tricks and amplify them. And by amplify, we mean be mindful of the color schemes you are using, the fonts on your photos, etc. With the tips included in this piece, you can start to lay a solid foundation of something you can build on as you continue to grow.

When you create (and display) a rocking Facebook profile, you will be amazed how what seemed at one time pointless, can change the entire face of your business.

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