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Facebook Recruiting for Network Marketing and Direct Sales

You are a network marketer or direct sales consultant and want to succeed in this industry. In order to do so, you must master how to recruit or sponsor, build, manage and grow your business. We believe, and teach, Facebook recruiting for network marketers who want to leverage the internet. In network marketing you can sell as many products as possible, retail and have an excellent retail business.

And, we know that customers are a solid foundation. But, what if you had more people doing the same thing as you?

Better yet, they were part of your organization.

However, if you cannot leverage and capture the benefits of network marketing to grow your business, then it is likely you will stunt your growth in this industry. The power of network marketing is the ability to build your system and be able to move more products and services through your network.

Some people are lucky to have many friends and family to grow their business. We call this, their warm market. And, there are others who recruit effortlessly and can bring as many individuals as you could imagine. Moreover, we have those who can get massive amounts of people in their business and attain success in whatever network marketing company they join.

Facebook Recruiting

And then, there are those who find recruiting to be a difficult task.

This unfortunately, speaks for the majority.

We’re sure it wouldn’t surprise you that network marketing and direct sales, are a numbers game. Now, please understand that people are people — first. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way this gets lost. And, people start to only focus on making sales or recruiting people where relationships is where it all starts.

The numbers we speak of, translate to the amount of connections you make consistently. You may hear others refer to this as ‘filling a funnel’. Previously, this was done (and still is we’re sure) through cold calling, home parties and hotel meetings. When my wife Dani and I were active in the industry this was something we were all too familiar with.

However, once we learned how to leverage the internet and master Facebook recruiting, our business changed.

And so did our lives.

In this post, we want to share with you our top 5 strategies related to Facebook recruiting.

Top 5 Ways to use Facebook Recruiting to Grow Your Business

#1 Recruiting Mindset

You joined a network marketing company, so something drew you to it. The products, services, compensation plan, or perhaps the social side. You should develop an entrepreneurial mindset and be ready to approach people with your opportunity without fear. Don’t be apologetic about it.

Be brave and know that you are about to share a great gift with someone.

If you ever want to be an entrepreneur and work from home, network marketing is a good way to start. And, being confident in that is important. As we continue through the strategies we will share some do’s and don’ts of how to make this effective but, know that your posture about the industry will go a long way.

#2 Focus on and Master Building Relationships

You are probably familiar with this term — what we want is for you to become a master at doing it. People join people, not companies. Always keep this at the forefront of your conversations. Become so good at ‘making new friends’ that recruiting will start to happen on its own naturally.

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Although it is not impossible, it is very uncommon that people will simply join you without having a conversation. One of the hardest skills to master is cold market prospecting but you see, Facebook helps bridge that gap.

When you are focused on selling yourself instead of others — this is where the magic happens.

Simply pitching your Network Marketing (or direct sales) opportunity or product right off the hop — usually does not work very well. Spend some time to build those relationships with people that you connect with through Facebook recruiting. When done correctly, your friends/followers will certainly ask you about your opportunity or product.

Remember, people are people first.

#3 Give the Prospect what THEY want

Start thinking of yourself as someone who gives solutions. Instead of being a representative from your network marketing company who is trying to sign people up – think first about the solution. Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. Think about how you would want to be treated if you were that person.

Think of yourself almost like a consultant, and not just a network marketing or direct sales rep.

You must put your prospect’s needs and/or wants above your own, and focus on helping them achieve or obtain what they want.

Once you have initiated or responded to a conversation on Facebook, you want to ask questions. Ask questions about what they are looking for or in need of. Oh and hey —  actually let them talk. By asking them questions, you will find out exactly what they are looking for. And, if you are listening effectively they will tell you exactly the answers you are looking for.

Facebook Recruiting

#4 Your Facebook Friends list Should be Strategic

Recently in our Social Impacters Community, a question was asked about the Friends List on Facebook. Although not verbatim, the question was about does denying friend requests hurt you. And, should we simply accept every friend request that comes our way? The answer in two (2) parts; No this doesn’t hurt you and, no we should not accept every request.

Let us explain. For whatever reason, Facebook limits the amount of friends to 5,000 of which can be connected with you on Facebook. And although this upsets some people, truth is — could you ever keep up with 5,000 people?! Probably not. At the same time though, your friends list should be a place of quality not quantity.

Consider the optics when you have 5,000 friends and 2 likes on your latest post. Or, 100 friends and 2 likes on your post.

Lack of engagement is what will hurt you on Facebook — and with those odds, this tells Facebook you probably aren’t very interesting. And, in the world of Facebook Recruiting — you WANT to be seen as interesting!

#5 Find a Mentor or a Coach

First things first, hiring our coach was the BEST thing (next to Facebook recruiting!) that we did for our business. Sure, you may eventually get to where you want to be on your own — but having a mentor or coach can shorten that learning curve tremendously. You want to work with someone who has done, and is doing what you want.

Hiring an expert hotel meeting presenter to teach you how to recruit on social media, would be silly.

The same way hiring a social media expert to teach you how to cold call would also be counter productive.

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Facebook Recruiting

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