Facebook Stories Features

Maximizing the Stories Features on Facebook

Facebook Stories likely started to feel like ‘one more thing’ to learn, right?

Well, here’s the good and bad news. It is one more thing to remember (bad news); yes, it is worth it (good news). In this post, I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks to help take the pain out of Facebook Stories Features —

Especially for busy network marketers.

Now you know how to do it, should you do it?

Creating Facebook stories can be time-consuming. A good story includes video, imagery, text, and decoration. So if you want to make it good, you’ll need to do a bit of planning.

What’s the real benefit of all the Stories Features?



Facebook is the world’s largest social network; your prospects are there, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach them with your content. Unfortunately, even excellent content doesn’t always reach your audience with all the newsfeed updates.

But stories still get seen.

Your story will appear in the stories feed at the top of the screen for your audience to see. You get this cool color circle around your profile photo too. This shows your audience you’ve posted something new! It could be the best way to re-engage a more passive audience.

They are Getting To Know You


The days of solid and expensive brands on Facebook are long gone. If you want people to engage with your business, you will need to let people see more of the people behind it.

Stories allow us to show the behind-the-scenes, the people, the places, and everything in between.

stories challenge

You Can Share More Content (without being annoying)


Some people disagree on how often you should post to your Facebook profile. We believe three posts a day is ideal and should be a great mix of business and personal.

The nice thing about stories is that you can share way more. But unfortunately, you need to update your stories multiple times on the days you choose to create them.

Ready to Maximize the Visual with Stories Features?


First and foremost, do yourself a favor and create a storyboard. This will allow you to have content ready to go (or, at the very least, ideas) so that you don’t end up spinning your wheels or wasting time playing around with the features.

Even stick drawings and little smiley faces help you remember when getting ready to post.

A visual storyboard is the best way to expedite your story’s content and help you see the whole picture instead of things in little snippets.

I encourage you to use a combination of both images and videos.


An app I recently started messing around with is called CutStory. Although this was initially designed for Instagram Stories, it has different story features specifically for Facebook.

And condensing your videos happens to be one of them!

This will allow you to upload longer videos, piece by piece, without an interruption in your story as it plays.

So good, right?

Also, you know I am a huge Canva fan so make sure you take a few minutes to ‘pretty up your images.’ Maybe it means adding a watermark or logo you have, adding a frame or switching up the color scheme. Whatever it is, take a few moments to have the images all looking cleaned up to some degree.

Overall, I would love to know — are you someone using the Stories Features?

Or have any great tips we can start using ourselves? Let me know in the comments, and I would love to check out your story’s execution if that would interest you too and give a little feedback!

Hope to see you inside our Stories Challenge >> click here for more details!

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