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The Inside Scoop for Marketers and Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories. This addition to the platform originally rolled out on mobile in 2017. And, Facebook Stories made their way to desktop earlier in 2018 (in some cases). This feature now has about 150 million daily active users – sounds crazy right?

Like  Instagram and Snapchat— Facebook Stories and all of the comments disappear after 24 hours. But, the concept itself is here to stay. So, although 150 million sounds like a huge number, that doesn’t even scratch the surface of the 2+ Billion Facebook users.

So, we have one question for you …

Why Aren’t You Using Facebook Stories Yet?

Facebook Stories are a visual content meaning, it can be a picture or a video. The primary attributes are their brief appearances and their disappearances from the platform within 24 hours after having been published as mentioned above.

Additionally, we want to note that the “Story” was a format initially started on Snapchat that gave this social network huge popularity. Although stagnant in its growth now – a great platform still, for millennials.

The Snapchat success they believe, was possible because of its novelty, right?

After all, they took care of their users and their privacy because the content on the servers is eliminated after having been published 24 hours.

And, it was the Facebook inspiration to incorporate the stories as it happened on Instagram as well. It was official that arguably the most important social platform for network marketers adopted the application itself.

And yet, you’re still not using it?

That’s just crazy talk! Here’s the deal, we ‘live’ in a space where being different is powerful. Anywhere that we can stand out from the crowd is key. Why? Because then you don’t just blend in with everyone else trying to build their businesses on the same platform.

Consider it almost like a, ‘competitive edge’.

How to use Facebook Stories – Basics

Before we get into the good stuff, we figure we should start with how to use the platform at all. First things first, we almost always use the Facebook Stories feature from our smartphone. So take a moment and open the messenger app on your phone.

Just above where your contacts names are listed, you will see an empty circle with a camera in it with a little blue plus sign. And, just below that circle you will see ‘add to your story’.

All you have to do is click that button. This triggers your camera to open where you can take a quick snap shot, or hold your finger down on the button to record a video. There are tons of fun options when creating your story like using the funny filters you see down at the bottom for example.

From rainbow wigs to cat ears and whiskers, the options are always — entertaining.

Not feeling selfie ready?

Don’t worry – the Facebook stories feature also let’s use choose an image you may already have in your phone. To access those, you would click the small circle at the bottom left of the screen and this will open your photo gallery. Select the photo and you’re good to go!

Now, once you have either;

  1. Taken a photo or,
  2. Chosen a photo

… you will have several options to add text to them or different emojis, etc. Have fun with Facebook Stories. When you have your design ready to go, you will see a blue arrow in the bottom right hand corner – click that!

It will allow you to share it in your story, in messenger with your friends or even on your page.

This platform can be super engaging and, designed for quick fast tips for your audience. Additionally, they are a great way for your audience to get to know you in a behind the scenes kind of way.

How to Use Facebook Stories – Business

First things first, map out your content for Stories so that you stay consistent. Ideally, you should be posting 8-10 stories a day.

Or, at the very least 2-5 is OK – but not suggested long term for the purposes of generating results.

There are a variety of ways marketers are successful at implementing Facebook stories into their content calendar but the common theme in the successful ones? Consistency. It really is that simple – primarily, because the platform itself is so underused that any content is better than none – well, within reason right?

One of the best features of the Stories is that people can respond to each story you post individually, and Facebook has even added some ‘suggested’ replies your viewers can use. It is here, in that moment where the magic can happen. Why? Because your audience has just opened up your messenger box for you and invited you to reply.

It is here, you can execute your relationship building techniques; listening, FORM, getting to know them, sharing a bit about you, and so on.

Do not take this heart-eyed emoji showing up in your inbox for granted!

Now, you might be thinking to yourself … 8-10 posts ‘oh my gosh!’. But relax, breathe a moment – stories are meant to be fun. And, they are short snippets of content that could even be as simple as sharing what you’re doing in that moment. When I think of the content we share there, they include things like;

  1. funny dances in the car
  2. gym selfies
  3. kids gymnastics
  4. new tech gadget
  5. 45 second business tips
  6. trips to Chipotle

… and all things in between. But guess what? Although most of that list may seem like ‘no big deal’, they have been huge in opening up conversations with people we didn’t even realized followed our existing content.

Special Tip for those of you using Facebook Live … take a moment on your stories to invite your audience to join you (x) time when you go live about (xyz) topic. We believe you will find just how simple it is to incorporate those 8-10 posts, daily.

Something else we have found effective is posting an image of something like an outfit – add text that includes something along the lines of ‘what do you think?’. When you ask people’s opinions they are rarely shy! Question related Facebook Stories are a great way to elicit responses from your audience.

Our Top 7 Facebook Stories Content Ideas

  1. Exclusive Deals or Info (check our my page for, message me for, etc.)
  2. Show off your expertise with short actionable business tips
  3. Behind the Scenes shares (images and videos)
  4. Testimonials – Share them here!! Social proof is great in doses!
  5. Questions and Opinions Posts
  6. Inside look with your family
  7. A few of your favorite things!

Lastly, we hope you found this information valuable and let us know in the comments when we can expect to see your Facebook Story pop up in our feed! Which idea will you start with? Have others you would add to our list? Let us know!

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