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Does the Facebook Live Thumbnail Matter?

Oh yes it sure does matter!! This post, is going to give you the answers to the Facebook Live Thumbnail mystery. We are going to share with you why it matters, how to change it, and the best ways to manage it. You see, Facebook has a specific way of doing things, right? So, once we figure out what they’re looking for — we deliver.

Facebook Live Thumbnail Facts

It is not a secret that Facebook considers three seconds into a user watching a video as a view, right? And so, if you want one way to increase your watch time through engagement and shares, you have to give your audience a reason.

More importantly, a reason to stick around beyond 3 seconds to see what you’re up to!

Additionally, you should also make sure your thumbnails for each of your videos pique the interest of your viewers. Optimizing your video content won’t matter if the first image they see before the video plays seems unrelated or — even worse — boring.

Making a custom thumbnail for each of your  videos will help ensure they capture the attention of audience as they scroll through in their timeline, but will also give you that much more possibility of those same users sharing your video with their audiences too. We like to use funny (even quirky) beginnings that you will see in the video whatever the case is, just make sure it is something that your viewers will be entertained or absolutely intrigued.

Now, we know the thumbnail is a piece to the puzzle, so before we dive into the ‘how to create your Facebook Live Thumbnail‘ let’s cover a few bonus tips first.

Few Facebook Live Copy (Headline) Tips

Your Facebook Live title, should be descriptive and searchable while also intriguing for your audience to click on it. Next, is the preview text, which should give a summary of what your video is about. We encourage you to use emojis without overdoing them of course – ones that reflect the topic are ideal too.

We never encourage you to add any link to your headline and post content for a couple reasons;

  1. It comes across like a sales pitch to scrollers, without even seeing what the link is and,
  2. The Facebook Algorithm does not like links, especially ones that may take someone out of Facebook.

Facebook Live Tips for Engagement (during)

We do cover a lot of Facebook Live do’s and don’ts in several other posts which we’ll share here for you;

  1. Facebook Live | Recruit More, Sell More | Strategies and Ideas
  2. Top Ways to Use Facebook Live Video for Your Business
  3. Facebook Live And How To Close Sales Using It

In addition to these great posts, a few key things you want to do while on your Live are engage with your audience. Remember, Facebook is a social platform — treat is as such! Not to mention, people often love hearing their name on camera ‘Hey Carol thanks for tuning in‘. That personable touch for Carol, goes a long way.

One more extra tip we will leave with you is this, encourage your audience to participate. You can do this by asking them to drop words or emojis in the comments they can respond to based on a question you pose. For example; ‘Drop a heart emoji if you love Mondays!‘.

Facebook Live Thumbnail How-To!

The time has arrived! In this video (be sure you subscribe to use on YouTube!) you will learn the step-by-step on how to create and/or change your Facebook Live thumbnail for your newsfeed.

We hope you found this post and video incredibly helpful and we can’t wait to see some of your thumbnails come across our timelines! Make sure you let us know in the comments your thoughts and let us know when you plan to implement this strategy!

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