Feeling Stuck in Business

Network Marketing Motivation | Avoid Being Stuck in Your Business

Everyone gets stuck. We all face challenges to solve, lack of energy, roadblocks, and those pesky self-sabotaging moments too. But getting stuck can be a rough one when you work for yourself. As entrepreneurs and network marketing professionals, we are responsible for our own production, right?  And, it’s important for us to be resourceful and get unstuck. Today I want to bring you some network marketing motivation to get you through the ‘stuck’.

4 Tips to Help you get over being Stuck!

Nothing can feel more frustrating than being stuck in your business. You know that feeling I’m talking about? You are sure you need to grow your business but you are not exactly sure where to start. Believe it or not this is much more common than you think.

  1. You’re ready to take your business to the next level but, you’re unsure about what steps you need to take to grow in a way that will not disrupt the parts that are working.
  2. You keep hearing from your prospects ‘I really want to work and/or buy from you’, however, they don’t.
  3. Maybe you have so many amazing ideas for your business but you don’t have a clear path on how to execute them.
  4. Or, what you thought was the perfect niche – is proving to be more challenging to get going than you anticipated.

Do any of these sound familiar?

If they do, you know the ‘stuck’ and have experienced it or are experiencing it right now. Let me assure you that this is just part of the journey — there is a light at the end of it!

One of the worst things you can do when you’re feeling stuck in your business is have a pity party. Because listen, these ‘parties’ serve you and your customers or team nothing good. In fact, you’ve heard the saying that negative breeds negative, right?

Pity parties will not propel your business and, they can hurt what does exist. Avoid these at all costs!

Mentorship can Assist you out of the ‘Stuck’ Phase

I have been stuck in my business more times than I can count and guess what? The remedy to this each and every time has been mentorship. Perhaps this is your sponsor or someone in your upline. Or, maybe this is someone who isn’t even inside your company like a mentor or coach.

Whoever this person is (and I’m happy to make some suggestions too!) find them. Learning from someone who’s been there before or, someone who can offer you a different perspective will help pull your out of what can sometimes feel like quicksand.

Seek mentorship or reach out to that mentor — today.

Ever Stopped to Reflect?

Chances are you haven’t always been stuck, right? So take some time to really think back to what you were doing before you were stuck. For some, it’s revisiting the basics and getting back to those DMO’s.

Was there something that happened that led you to being stuck in your opinion? Is it a mindset factor or something completely unrelated to business? When you know where the root of the ‘stuck’ happened you are able to create strategies to help you get out of the slump.

Take Action even when you’re Stuck!

Those DMO’s I mentioned above? Get back on track with them! Not only is a great way to plan your daily activity but will help you identify the areas you are great in. Why? Because focus on your strengths instead of the weaknesses. Pack your daily routine with things you love to do and that you know work for your business.

These may include things like prospecting, relationship building, connecting, following up, and so on. Get yourself into a habit of these things every day and the likelihood of being stuck too long is no match.

And, I mean that.

If these tips were helpful – Share them! Let me know how I can help you set up preventative strategies to avoid that stuck feeling in future and, ways to manage the times that you do feel this way.

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