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How to Find People Online Who Want to Build a Business | MLM

Are you trying to find people online who are looking to build a business? People looking for more — whatever that looks like for them? This blog will offer you a few ways for you to use Facebook and Instagram to find others looking to build a business. In business, you’re losing ground if you are only executing transactions and not cultivating relationships.

You have to be about more than the sale, service or product.

You have to be about the relationships. It’s that, that will determine your success.

A good friend of mine often refers to this thought process as this; interactions over transactions. And, I can relate so much to that. See, when we consider the truth about why people join a business with us, there are a couple primary reasons, right?

  1. They want to be around you more
  2. These people/prospects need more — want what you offer
  3. They are loyal customers

… and others of course.

But when we truly look at those who join us or the industry in general, 9 times out of 10 it is ALL about the relationships you cultivated. It is also about people feeling connected to something ‘lacking‘ in their life.

Be it socially or financially — your interactions with them matter the most.

Find People Online Who Want to Build a Business with You!

Think about why you joined Facebook or Instagram.

Did you sign up on your preferred social platform and say to yourself — time to find that business to join? Safe bet to say absolutely not, right? So, why do we expect others to be any different? Guess what? They’re not.

In order to find people online who want to build a business you have to talk to them first. Connect with new people, ask questions, listen, check out their timeline — there are always clues there.

Become a friend collector.

Cultivate and nurture those relationships. Be consistently filling your funnel and eventually, people will come around.  The value of these relationships is worth more than a single purchase. When you get this wrong, you make a single sale.

When you get this right, you develop the kind of trusted relationship that gives you access to all the future transactions. So let me ask you this; which type of sale are you after? And, the same can be said about your business builders. If you knew that it would take potentially your top leader 3 years to get things rolling, knowing that their future is super bright, would you continue to serve them?

Tough, but important questions to ask yourself when you are looking to find people online who want to get into business — with you!


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