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6 Places to Find Quality Content for Network Marketers

As a network marketing professional, quality content is imperative. And, we appreciate it can feel like a daunting task when you are not the only one on social media selling your products or service. Content creation is one of the biggest asked questions in our Facebook communities. As a result, this post is designed to help alleviate, what can feel like a burden.

Quality Content Builds Relationships

Bold statement, right? Allow us to explain. Think back, how many times has one of your customers messaged you where it felt like, out of the blue? Alternatively, a potential distributor messages you and says ‘I’ve been seeing what you are doing, and would love more information’ 

Guess what?

These people are not falling from the sky. You might be surprised by this but you have more people watching you, and your social media ‘behaviors’ than you may realize.

So, what does this mean?

It means — you should always put your best foot forward. Be mindful of the content you are putting out there and be intentional about it. There are prospects out there who thrive on quality content, and don’t even know they’re prospects yet! All they know is they love when you are doing — be it entertaining, educating, or empowering them.

And yes, all three matter.

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… there are several others, but these 3 are a great place to start.

In this post however, we want to focus on where to find the content. And more importantly, quality content. Because let’s be honest there are tons of things we could share but this is where being intentional matters. When you post something on your Facebook timeline, ask yourself, ‘is this post attracting the type of person I would like to do business with?‘.

If your answer isn’t yes, then the simple answer is — don’t post it.

6 Places to Find Quality Content for Network Marketers

#1 Place to Find Quality Content — Your Email Inbox 

Chances are, you have subscribed to different mailing lists over the weeks, months of even years. These emails may be from stores you have visited, places you’ve traveled to, seminars or workshops you went to — and so on. This is one of the best places to find content — you may however need to sort through its quality, but overall it should help prompt ideas for you.

And, that is what content is all about — ideas. A good habit to get into, is if you come across someone you enjoy content from (even better when it teaches you something) subscribe to their list. Because remember, educating your social media audience is among one of the best ways to attract them to buy from you, or join your business.

#2 Place to Find Quality Content — Your Library

Now, relax — this can include a digital library too! We appreciate not everyone still loves the good old page flipping book anymore. And either one work. Because, if you are practicing regular personal development (which you should be), you are likely in the middle of reading a great book, right now.

Pick a chapter, or even sentence in the book that resonates with you. Share with your audience why it ‘spoke’ to you. These posts are great for engagement because they elicit a couple responses;

  1. They want to know what book you are reading
  2. Your message resonated with them too
  3. They have read the book and want to share more about it with you

.. and so on. You could even make this a weekly (or daily) Facebook post as you read the book. This will not only help you deliver quality content, but consistent content.

#3 Place to Find Quality Content — Pinterest

This one may have excited a few people, right? Well .. we are not suggesting that you get lost in the world of Pinterest here. What we are suggesting is use Pinterest as your search engine. Type something in the search bar that interests you. We promise you, TONS of ideas will pop up.

As an example, let’s say you type in coffee. Sure, tons of pictures will immerse of coffee cups, coffee beans, etc. but all of those images are usually attached to a post or a description of some sort. Take a few minutes to check out the content attached. Ask yourself ‘is this something I could use?’. At the very least, it will help your idea wheel turning and help you generate things to talk about — that matter to you.

Remember though, be mindful of the time you are spending there. Ensure that it is productive, and that you set yourself a time limit to curate content.

#4 Place to Find Quality Content — Seminars, Webinars or Workshops

Think about this; when you attend a training of some sort, you probably take notes, right? Perfect! Share them with your audience!! Maybe the speaker or trainer shared a great quote even — head over to Canva (or other) and create an image with it. Or, similar to that of the library example — talk about a piece that really spoke to you, how you will implement it, etc.

When you share valuable content from these sorts of trainings, they can attract 2 types of people;

  1. Others in the network marketing profession with whom are great to build relationships with — not to prospect, but learn from, bounce ideas off of, and so on.
  2. Those outside of the profession who are interested in your continue education and you have piqued their curiosity in what you are up to exactly.

This one, is a great place to satisfy the educating component of quality content creation. Repurpose what you were taught, explain it from your point of view —credit the idea source (of course), but don’t be afraid to share your knowledge.

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#5 Place to Find Quality Content — Your Local Bookstore

This one is great because it’s one you can do on your own, or bring the kids (if you have them) with you! We wanted to include one that gets you out of the house and away from a computer for a while. We appreciate that there are people who still love being out and about when it comes to their business — and this can be great for prospecting too. But back to the bookstore …

Consider simply roaming the aisles. Starting in self help sections or business and entrepreneurship are a good go to. Just read the titles, pick up ones that catch your immediate attention. Spend maybe a few minutes skimming the pages or reading the back. We promise, this will help generate some great quality content. The books you see exist, because people wanted to know more about these topics.

Hint, hint. Use this to your advantage. We had a client who used this method who preferred the recipe book section. She would find great ideas and recreate them via live video back home in her kitchen. Think outside the box.

#6 Place to Find Quality Content — Your Personal Experience

We may have saved the most obvious, for last. Think about your day, a funny thing your child did, a conversation you had with your spouse (these are often humorous ones!), a vacation you took, an event you remember, your workout at the gym, the smoothie you had for lunch — you get the idea.

Create some narrative around your day. People are naturally nosey (sorry?!) so knowing about your day feeds that curiosity. What is important is that you don’t treat it like Twitter for example — we don’t need to know your every move! Be intentional with what you share — a personal victory even, or reflection.

This is an opportunity to share more about who you are, as a person.

Final Thoughts on Creating Quality Content for your Business

First and foremost, we hope that this list will help you generate new ideas to educate, empower and entertain your audience. We will have more on this coming soon — so be sure to check back often! Generating the right content for your business is imperative to long-term success. It allows people are look inside of the things that matter to you, and tells them ‘who you are’. This as we know is important to building relationships with those who align with who we are as humans.

We would love to know what your content strategy looks like, or where we can serve you best to help you start generating the results you are striving for in your network marketing business.

And remember,

Quality over Quantity Always. 

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