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I am sure it is of no surprise to you knowing, that the need to generate leads in MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales, BUSINESS – is your lifeline. The ability to be speaking to new people every single day isn’t simply ‘you should’, it is more along the lines of you need to! Because, this might sound a little bit harsh, but if new customers are not connecting with you daily, your business will not grow.

There is a saying, ‘build it and they will come’, well … what exactly are you building?

Stick with me here, the company that you are passionately representing, has been built. From products to compensation plan, business model to projections. So, as a distributor or consultant, where does the onus fall on you?

Generate Leads in MLM, the Onus

The onus falls on you to create a list of people, fill a funnel of conversations, build relationships and ultimately learn the skill of how to generate leads in MLM, or simply put, your business. You might be saying to yourself, well that sounds simple enough, and you would be right, it is absolutely simple when you have the right knowledge, the right skills, and the right direction in executing it.

The good news is, with times and technology changing, social media has made it exceptionally simpler to connect with potential customers and prospects for your network marketing business, but almost so simple that people overthink the obvious. It has created a overload of information in most cases, and as a result, the industry began to suffer. Let me qualify this for you, suffer in a sense that there are so many of the same posts, messages, pictures, etc floating around – that you no longer stand out.

You may have the best face cream or protein shake in the world, but so does someone on your friends list.

What makes YOU, different? 

My wife and I, built our network marketing business through social media, for free by mastering the art of how to generate leads. How to connect with people (I recommend 10 minimum) each and every day. The reality is this:

There are 5 new Facebook Profiles created every single second. Running out of people to talk to is nonsense.

And, what is even more magical about this place called Facebook, is it is free. Free to connect with people all over the world, attract to you and in turn your business, and never run the risk of running out of resources.

I have found throughout my community on Facebook that often the biggest objection people have, is how to generate leads in their business. If the company you are presently with isn’t your ‘first rodeo’ chances are your warm market is a little slim. They may or may not want to hear from you about the next best thing. This isn’t uncommon, and this is exactly why I felt compelled to share my success, my experience and my journey with other network marketers in our wonderful profession on how to turn that cold market into a luke warm or hot one – and how to generate leads in MLM (network marketing etc.) for free – using social media.

Where to Go to Generate Leads in MLM

  1. Facebook
  2. Facebook Live
  3. YouTube
  4. Instagram
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Pinterest
  7. Blogging

These are among the top 7 places to go to generate leads in our profession. And this is important, do NOT try to master all of them at once. Start with one, maybe two if they compliment each other or are parallel (Facebook and Facebook Live are where I would encourage anyone to start).

generate leads in MLM

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What is common among the Top 7 List of places I mentioned to generate leads in MLM is this, being genuine, authentic, yourself, translates better than anything else. We are part of an industry that we have the luxury of working with people we like – so being true to who you are, will attract the likes of others.

Generating new leads should be a daily activity. This doesn’t mean connecting with 10 people on Facebook you’ve never met before and sharing your link right away. What it means is open a conversation, ask them how they are, about what they do – take the pressure off the conversation and be a human being.


It’s amazing how many people just want to feel cared for. Feel like they’re being listened to. And when asked ‘how are you?’ legitimately feel like the person asking actually wants to know.

Oh! and when it comes to picture sharing sites like Instagram and Pinterest for example, sharing inspirational quotes, etc. are amazing ideas – just be sure that what you reflect is that same motivation and inspiration. There isn’t much sense posting about being motivated and in the next breath you are complaining about something else.

Let me leave you with this. There are a multitude of tools in the toolbox that are readily available – find someone, people, groups or a coach who have been there – where you are. Allow them to show you the best and most effective way of using them. That is one of the main things I share with my coaching clients and Facebook Community – my role, is to shorten your learning curve.

Let’s make it a great day – and I’ll see you on the webinar!

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