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Social Media| Grow your Influence & Impact so People Buy from you

It is no secret that establishing an online presence is so important for any business. Regardless of the niche and/or industry you are in, learning how to grow your influence and impact is necessary.

Even if we consider the largest brands in the world; Apple, Amazon, Nike, Starbucks, Home Depot and so on, they ALL have a strong social media presence.

And as a result, they are brands that continue to thrive in today’s marketplace. So, I want to help you establish similar authority, credibility and influence through the same channels.

When you learn to harness the power of social media and tap into your prospects and consumers need for connection, the sales with almost always follow. But, in order to achieve that desired result there are some key steps along the way.

Let me explain …

Grow your Influence & Impact so People Buy from you

First and foremost what does it mean to create influence?

Webster tells us that influence is; the power or capacity of causing an effect in indirect or intangible ways. In our context, it’s about helping consumers reach the purchasing stage (from us).

And, when it comes to impact …

Webster tells is that it means to have a direct effect or impact on (when using as a verb). Maybe it’s about helping someone, serving others, leaving a positive feeling or otherwise.

So, you can imagine why both influence and impact are key contributors to the consumers buying habits. It helps guide them to a solution to their ‘problem’. Additionally, your influence and/or impact can help improve their quality of life — and that is what it’s all about.

Be sure to check out the video above for some clear examples you can implement but I also want to give you a quick breakdown to help get you started.

It’s all about the Value

I’m sure it is of no surprise to you that value helps grow your influence and impact. What I would encourage you to do is be intentional about the content you share and ensure that it is generic to the industry you are working in. For example; if you are in the health and wellness space include social media posts that speak about hydration, self-care, healthy recipes, inspiring habits, etc.

Although being niche specific is great don’t be afraid to step outside of the box a little bit here. By sharing quality and valuable content, you are not only attracting the right audiences but you are establishing your authority and credibility in the space.

Consistency is still Key!

You have heard it a million times before but, it’s worth repeating — be CONSISTENT. Whether it be content that you share, videos you produce or stories you create, how consistent you are will be the change maker. Establish a schedule for yourself that helps you stay consistent and, help you become more predictable for your audience.

By being predictable, I’m referring to setting the expectations for your audience. When they start to look forward to your content, this feeds that emotional need for connection. In many cases, people will schedule their own time around your videos, podcasts, etc. They look forward to seeing and hearing from you, right? So guess that? ALL of these things are ways to grow your influence and impact in their purchasing journey.

When they know what to expect from you — they crave more.

More on Connection … 

I would encourage to ask yourself this; how connected to your audience are you? If the only way you are connecting with your prospects, customers, clients or otherwise is on social media I would encourage you to also explore email.

Despite things we’ve heard over the years about email marketing being dead — our lists of thousands begs to differ. See, it’s about what you are delivering in your emails, and you guessed it — it’s about CONNECTION.

Through emails it allows you to sprinkle that personable touch. People love to feel exclusive, loved on, thought of, etc. So, with email marketing in a lot of cases being totally free (or low cost) to start, why wouldn’t you?

Who doesn’t LOVE a bonus tip?

Looking for that extra nugget? Be sure to watch the video included above for one of my TOP tips that you can take advantage of right away.

I hope you found this post valuable in ways to grow your influence and impact with your audience and would love to know which one you will implement immediately. Knowledge is great, but applied knowledge is best!

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