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Grow your Sales Team using this Strategy | Attraction Marketing

First and foremost, everyone in the network marketing profession is looking to grow their sales team. This doesn’t (and shouldn’t) change regardless of the success you achieve — in my opinion. So, having said that first let’s debunk a myth before we dive in ….

Connecting with new people consistently is key, right? Of course it is, BUT this doesn’t mean finding new people to word vomit all over all the time. Maybe you’re laughing a little bit now because it sounds like someone we know (or even ourselves) but it’s true. Painful yes, but true.

We get excited I get it, but we are in fact repelling more people than we are attracting when we practice this. And so, my number one secret if we can call it that is this ….

Listen More, Talk Less.

Grow your Sales Team by Listening More

I didn’t want to be in a business where it was all about making money or what was solely in it for myself.

It was caring about my customers and wanting what’s truly best for them. And, how do we know what’s best for them or our prospects if we’re not listening? Maybe I am unique in saying that I actually just enjoyed getting to know my customers.

Then when the team started to grow, even with the first distributor who signed up, I was thrilled to get to know them. And more so than asking a few questions — I let them talk. Too often we listen to reply instead of listening just to listen.

You have probably heard this before … People will tell you everything you need to know if we just listen actively. This means a little paraphrasing, asking open ended questions and soft verbal cues to let our prospect or customer know that we’re listening.

That we’re present. 

Sometimes, truly caring about people means taking actions that don’t necessarily help your business in the short-term. Additionally, you have to do things for the good of other people with no benefit to yourself, and here’s the best part about that.

It comes around. Often, ten-fold.

It WILL benefit you in the long-run in some way.

Care about people.

Some people will say, follow this step-by-step to show you care about people, but that isn’t quite genuine, right? You can’t really do a step-by-step system to show people you care about them when you really don’t.

So enjoy people, enjoy working with people and that is what is truly fulfilling. And, the best way to show someone you care is that you’re listening. I hope this was helpful and that you will share it with someone who you KNOW will benefit from this gem!

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