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4 Tips to Help you Attract TONS of Holiday Sales | Network Marketing

The holidays are coming, and there are sales to be made. Let’s just keep it real. How will you make them? In this blog, you will find our Top 4 Holiday sales tips to weave some of your own holiday magic around your business.

Because here’s the truth …

The holidays bring huge competition but also plenty of opportunity to capture new customers. As an example, in 2017, the winter holiday sales brought in $138.4 billion of revenue online, with in-store sales adding up to $691.9 billion. Time for your piece of the Pumpkin Pie.

Tip #1 – Triple your Current Level of Productivity this Holiday Season

The holidays, not a whole lot different than the summer months when it comes to our industry. Those involved in network marking or direct sales are infamous for taking this time off. So, knowing this what if you increased your production instead of pulling back on it. We get it, you want to spend time with family and friends and you should. But, focus on doing what everyone else won’t do.

Take Action: If you are currently building your business online (like a Social Impacter) and you are connecting with 5 new people every day, then bump this number to 15. Or, perhaps you love Facebook Live (and you should!). Many of you are doing 1-2 Lives’ per week, right? Well guess what … triple that for the holidays. Focus on doing 3-6 each week. Overdeliver.

Consider how you have been exposing others to your products or services. This may include a sample or even a demo – triple that number too. The product is amazing right? Let all those people find out just how amazing, just in time for Holiday giving!

Tip #2 – Follow up with Everyone, Including Fence Sitters

Similar to our post we published on Black Friday, follow up is key. Most companies have great Holiday packages available as early as now. Reach out to your current customers ask how you can help them cross those items of their gift list. Or, let them know some of the favorite products are packaged at a great price.

Reach out to those who fall under potential customers. This may include the people who had asked about your product but didn’t end up buying. The holidays typically condition consumers to spend. And, as a professional network marketer it is totally OK to maximize on that.

Take Action: Let’s assume you typically follow up with 20 people a week (4-5 a day) if you can, triple that as suggested in Tip #1 but at the very least, double it. This means picking up the phone, or sending a voice note through messenger. A public Facebook post or even in a group is just not enough. Be intentional with your messages as well.

Consider something along the lines of the following script;

This may or may not be a good time, but I still wanted to check in with you though. We have some great Holiday sales going on and I thought this may be of interest to you if not, I’m just happy I checked in!

Side note: if this number to follow up is much lower, this may give you some indication that you need some more people in that pipeline!

Tip #3 – Focus on ‘up-selling’ your Current Customers

Chances are if you have been with the profession a little while, you have a good handful of loyal customers. These are the ones who are likely on a monthly order with you or ones who almost always take advantage of sales and/or newly bundled packages.

Connect with them. But before you do, be familiar with what they typically order and draft a few ideas that you can have handy while you chat. Maybe they love this particular hand cream and know they will love the foot cream packaged with it right now – tell them! Additionally, perhaps you have great packages that they could ‘gift’ those close people in their lives. Suggestions never hurt.

Loyal customers are also amazing people to ask for referrals from. This turns what would typically be a cold market prospect to you into a lukewarm prospect thanks to your customer referral.

Take Action: Reach out to all your current customers and suggest something they would find valuable. Before you end the sale, call or message .. ask for a referral. The Holidays are perfect times to say something along the lines of ‘Hey Susan, I received your contact info from Heather who is an incredible customer of mine and she said the knew you would love the … (insert product or package name). 

Tip #4 – Be Open to Creating your own Community

This last tip, to be truthful and transparent with you, is more so for the long-term professional. Learning how to create and grow a group can and will, take time. The biggest note to mention on this topic though, is that with the blueprint to do so, it cannot fail.

Facebook Groups take work, especially in the beginning. They begin to feel like ‘what’s the point?!’ But, when you are learning from those who have done so before it will only make sense.

Why we mention long-term professional for this tip is because it will more than likely set you up for next year and the year after that and after that — versus the right now. Creating a community of people who want what you are offering – and that is value is priceless.

We do have a blueprint course for this and encourage you that if you are the long-term professional … you will take advantage. 

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Overall, we hope this post will help propel your sales efforts throughout the Holiday Season. Let us know how you plan to implement them — and when you’re getting started! Feel free to also check back in with us here and see if we can help you dive a little deeper on this topic!

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