how to create momentum in your business

How to Create Momentum in your Business

How important is it to create momentum in your business? If you didn’t answer VERY important … this is definitely the post for you.

And, if you do understand the importance, this blog and video will help you continue to create and leverage that momentum.

How to Create Momentum with a 90 Day Run

One great way that can help you get that 90 day run started is look at is as a launch or relaunch of your business. If you are brand new to your online business or depending of course on the type of business you are building this may look a little different.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Reach out to your warm contacts to sample or try your product or service
  2. Do an unboxing video of your tangible product
  3. Coach a handful of people for free for 14-30-days, and help them get a result
  4. Use a free challenge (related to your industry)

Now, just to clarify a 90-day run consists of the same activities, all in, for 90 days. Without question, you should have a plan or strategy in place before you go ahead and ‘relaunch’. If you are working with someone close to you, a mentor, colleague or sponsor, connect with them and ask them a few questions.

Here are a few examples;

  1. Will you hold me accountable for 90 days?
  2. Can you offer me feedback or constructive criticism along the way?
  3. Can you offer my guidance and maybe the odd reminder of WHY I’m doing this (when I might need them)

Lastly for the 90-day run — get excited! Let people know you’re launching a business; what you love about it, why you’re excited, what your goals are, etc. When you’re excited it causes others to feel and ‘catch’ that from you.

Consistency will always breed results.

Pro Tip: Spend time creating a strategy that you will stick to for the next 90 days. Outline the content you want to cover, timelines and scheduling it in your days.

Make your Daily Method of Operations non-negotiable. And, if you need help setting those up please don’t hesitate to reach out to me using the comments below.

Leverage your Momentum with Social Proof

Buckle up because it’s time to blitz the marketplace.

Since you leveraged sampling or reached out for testimonials or stories in your 90 day run, it’s time to leverage them. For example, let’s assume you sent me a sample of your product (enough sample that I should see a result of some sort). And, you say to me Brian would you mind sending me a few words about your experience using the product(s) I sent you?

Chances are, if you’ve sent out a free sample people are more than likely to share the experience or testimonial with you. Use those!! Grab a screen shot of their email or message and share it!

A great place to use these are in Facebook or Instagram stories but truth is, you can use them anywhere eyeballs will see them. (always ask for permission first)

These stories and testimonies will create curiosity every time.

I use this strategy a lot for my coaching business (I share a great example of this in the above video).

According to the pros …

A 90 Day Run is all about one thing, MASSIVE ACTION. Many entrepreneurs head 90 Day Run’s at the beginning of the year and see exponential momentum and growth from their business and/or teams. A 90 Day Run is a challenge that will take you out of your comfort zone and require nothing but the best of yourself!’

So, let me ask you this …

Are you ready to commit to a 90 day run? Let me know in the comments that you are All In. And, if I can help you — connect with me today.

My goal is to see you succeed in your business and learning how to create momentum will help you along the way.


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how to create momentum