How To Start A Facebook Conversation About Your MLM Business

How To Start A Facebook Conversation About Your MLM Business

Facebook in their 4th quarter of 2016, recorded 1.86 Billion active users. Now, let’s take a moment to think about that – there are almost 2 billion people with eyes and/or ears who have the potential of learning about your business. In last weeks post (found here) we spoke about the posts that can hurt your business, and this week I think it’s imperative, since ideally you’ve made some adjustments to your posting, that it’s important we talk about how to start a Facebook conversation about your MLM to start a Facebook conversation about your MLM business

Because it’s more than likely, that is where the relationships solidifies, it’s where real conversations happen. 

You want to ensure that the conversations you’re having, aren’t pushy, that they’re professional and that they aren’t scaring people away. The ‘not know any better network marketer’ might open up a Facebook with a link versus a conversation – let’s not do that, because what’s actually happening, is you’re alienating yourself without even the opportunity of a conversation first.

Let’s consider this analogy about how it would transfer into how to start a Facebook conversation about your MLM business. 

Think of yourself at this beautiful cocktail party, drink in hand, soft music playing, lots of smiles and conversations happening – and someone walks up to you and says “Hi I’m Brian”, and you respond with “Hi I’m Joe, I’m a network marketer and I’m looking for someone just like you to join my team – [insert company name] is the best company out there right now, you should definitely take a look!”.

how to start a Facebook conversation about your MLM businessHow would that go for you?

The point is, it didn’t. And it’s likely if you did do that, Brian would warn everyone at the cocktail party to steer clear of you! Translate that to your Facebook conversations – don’t treat them any differently than meeting someone at a cocktail party, or networking event, and so on.

Here’s a few tips for you.

Coach Fryer’s Tips On How to Start a Facebook Conversation About Your MLM Business

Start with FORM. 

Family – Ask them about their family, children, married, extended family, etc.

Occupation – Ask them what do they do for work. Do they love it? Hate it?

Recreation – Ask them what they do for fun – movies, reading, skydiving even.

Motivation – Ask them what gets them fired up – things or people that motivate and inspire them.

This process will not only help you get to know them a bit easier – but it will also help in determining for you, if they’re. even ‘qualified’ to work with you. Is what you have to offer even something they would consider. The only way to find out is by asking questions, but more importantly, the right questions. After all, this isn’t an interview, it’s a conversation.

Questions to Ask Someone Who is Already in MLM

  1. How long have you been in your company?how to start a Facebook conversation about your MLM business
  2. Are you building a team or simply a loyal customer?
  3. Do you build this part time?
  4. Was this your first network marketing experience?
  5. Are you happy with the money you’re making?
  6. Are you open to looking at anything else right now?

Question to Ask Someone Who is not in MLM

  1. What do you do for your career?
  2. How long have you been doing that?
  3. What do you like best about what you do? (or least)
  4. Do you travel much? (idea is to create a dream for them, a lifestyle)
  5. Have you ever considered a home based business before?
  6. Are you open to ways of making money from home?

Ideally, you want to ask open ended questions, but allow time for response – and even a question or two back. Yes or no questions won’t be satisfying for either party, so be mindful you’re not turning it into a game of 21 questions. Are there any particular questions you found worked best for you?

Bottomline, make sure that what you’re having is a conversation. I hope you found some value in the tips I shared about how to start a Facebook conversation about your MLM business, I hope to hear of your success after implementing these ideas!

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