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Network Marketing Mistakes | Don’t Let This 1 Thing Stop You

Are you trying to get more results in your network marketing business? Then let me ask you this, why are you letting this 1 thing stop you? Why is it that we start to experience rejection (when we haven’t truly put in the work) we let this stop us from achieving success? 

In this post, I’m going to share with you a few things you can do — and why you should do them — before calling it quits. 

And, maybe even more importantly how to avoid letting the start stop you. 

Stop Letting this 1 Thing Stop you from Achieving Success in your Network Marketing Business 

Each of the 3 things I’m about to share, all revolve around a couple primary principles; objection and rejection. 

Curiosity Posts 

Great! You’ve crafted a brilliant curiosity post and you’re waiting to see new customers start rolling in right? However, the only thing rolling in are crickets. Maybe you had a few people from your company love on it — maybe your mom — but no one else. It just falls flat. 

Are you going to let this 1 thing stop you?

Does this mean you just stop because this one post didn’t fly the way you thought? Heck no! Keep going. Your audience (including those who don’t know you yet) love and respond to consistency. Keep putting in the work and here’s the deal… we KNOW curiosity posts work. But yes, they may take time to catch on. 

Even when no one is responding, keep going. Keep adding value to your audience and these posts WILL catch on. They will, start to convert to new relationships, new customers and maybe even new distributors. 

Facebook Lives

I know this one can be a tough one to swallow. You’re excited, you’ve got some great content … you hit that live button and … no one. In some ways, you feel you’re on there talking to yourself. 

Guess what? We’ve ALL been there. Similar to my previous point above — don’t let this one thing stop you from keeping going. Generating live viewers can take time, and patience. The good news is, with consistency (yes there’s that word again) people will start tuning in. 

We know this strategy works. Why? Because we witness it regularly with not only our own business but with our clients and members of our network marketing community. Consider the lives you’re putting out there initially, as setting the foundation. These allow you time to review, adjust and tweak what could have worked better moving forward. 

Pick a day of the week (or multiple) and keep delivering the goodness you have to share. You just never know who may come across your replay at a later time — because we know replay viewers are almost always the highest numbers and conversions. 

Facebook Messenger 

Network marketing is a relationship business. So guess what? Just because you’ve had that one conversation in messenger doesn’t mean they already trust you and are throwing the credit card at you. Like any relationship, this takes time and authenticity. 

Focus on continuing to build on that one conversation. Get to know this person, what they love or don’t love, more about their needs and even their pain points. When you focus on the relationship above a sale, at the very least you will add quality to your growing network. 

Stop letting the fact that people aren’t over the moon to buy from or work with you, after one conversation. 

Refine your objection skills, consider using the Facebook conversation formula we have available in our community — be a good human and the rest, will follow. 

Lastly, please do yourself a favor and STOP letting this one thing (rejection) stop you from staying consistent on a path that could not only change your life, but the lives of others. 

Have you experienced I’ve talked about today?  Are there times when you kept going despite the tougher times and you found they converted at the moment you least expected them to? I would love your thoughts in the comments — and maybe you have a short story to share that could benefit someone else. Don’t hesitate to share that too! 

We are all, always learning and evolving — let’s support others who are, where maybe you once were. 

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