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5 Ways to Impact the World with your Business

You will probably agree with me that there is more to business than making money. And, you might also agree that you have a product or service that you believe can impact the world, right?

Perfect! You are definitely in the right place then.

This blog is all about how you can impact your local communities and global audiences through your business. Also, don’t forget that even if you products or services aren’t available internationally (yet) you can still create huge impact in the valuable content you share.

  1. have a strong effect on someone or something.

It’s totally in you to create change, smiles and greatness in others through your impact.

Let’s get started.

5 Ways to Impact the World with your Business


Gain Clarity


Take a close look at your business — one element of it that you feel can help make an impact on others. To help gain clarity, you need to have time to yourself.

You will want to take a day (if possible) for yourself and write down all your business ideas. From there, you’ll want to research your ideas and see where you can create the most value in your content. Remember, you want your business to also align with who YOU are; morals, beliefs, etc.

Additionally, you want to make a commitment of six months to a year to allow yourself to make it through the hard times (because they will come, especially if the last year + is any indication). At the end of the six months or a year, you’ll want analyze and review your business which will allow you to pivot or keep going in the direction you’ve been going.

Find and Understand your Purpose


Is your business something you feel comfortable with? Is it something that you can see yourself doing even when times get tough?

If your business doesn’t align with your purpose, take another day for yourself and research your additional business ideas. Starting or continuing with a business that aligns with your purpose and impact the world isn’t something that can be done overnight.

It’s a process that can take months, even years to complete. But, it’s totally worth it.


Align your Impact with your Income


There are thousands of stories from entrepreneurs who failed, but didn’t give up.

Whatever business you end up being successful with, make sure that you always align your impact with your income. It’s tempting to start a business that only makes money without aligning to your purpose, but as I mentioned above, when the going gets tough, you will be more likely to give up.

Too many network marketers give up too soon when, their breakthrough is closer than they realize.

Keep your Focus on your Mission


Because you start a business that aligns with your purpose and not just to make money, understand that your business will push you to your limits. You will go further than you ever thought was possible. As a result, you’ll impact the world and others more than you ever thought possible.

Your mission can also be used interchangeably with your ‘why’. Don’t lose sight of why you started and where you’re going — revisit this drive often!

Be Brave, Be Bold


No idea is ever too BIG. There’s no reason you can’t shoot beyond the stars or shatter those glass ceilings we hear a lot about. Never let others tell you that your idea isn’t worthy or impossible because it hasn’t been done before.

If you believe 100% in your heart that your idea will change the world, don’t let others bring you down. Ever.

The bigger you think, the bigger you’ll impact the world, and the more of an impact you have the greater your income will be. Never think that you can’t do something — because if you believe in yourself and your idea enough, anything is possible!

The world needs your ideas, your expertise and your gift.


One of the primary reasons we created our Impacter Communities was because we knew that through the lessons, experiences and successes we’ve seen — we knew we could help, inspire and impact so many others. I started where you were/are and believe me when I tell you — all things are possible and I want that for you!

But the real question is; Do you want it for yourself? Commit to this want/need in the comments.

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