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3 Important Tips to get Started in 2021 | Network Marketing

Are you new to network marketing or working on building a new team within your organization? Perfect because this post is for you. I’m going to share with you 3 important tips to get started in 2021. These tips will help set you up on the path to success.

Remember, even if you are a network marketing pro, when you are bringing new people into your organization — many are starting for the first time.

Or, they’re looking for a fresh start, right?

So, starting off the right way is a great way to ease some overwhelm. And, a great way to help you (and them) stay focused on the desired outcomes.

Your Important Tips to get Started in 2021


… and how to achieve success in Network Marketing along the way!

Let’s assume for a moment that you joined your company (or considering one) without really understanding why you’re choosing this particular one. One of the first MAJOR things I encourage you to consider is this;

Choose a Company and Products you BELIEVE in!


It can be tempting to join a company because your friend is winning there or, because they have a flashy car bonus to incentive trip agenda — I get it. But, if you are in getting into network marketing as a long term goal the products and company need to align with you.

See, when we are passionate about our company or products it helps paint our vision. And as a result of that passion, or excitement and our vision will shine through to our prospects.

If all we’re excited about are the accolades, sustaining long term excitement can be tough (and unlikely).

I often share with my clients that many customers make the BEST distributors because of their passion and belief — becoming a product of your products is far more important than we often understand.

Now, Who is in your Corner?


Although your success is not dependent on the people around you connecting with a leader is KEY! They have already paved the path in a lot of ways — the path you’d like to be on. Building a business with others is one of the best part of the network marketing industry so find that person you can truly run with.

Don’t feel stuck in believing you have to reinvent the wheel. The wheel already exists, one you can modify to suit your dream and ambitions but the core stays the same. After all, it’s why the industry is so powerful, right? A turn-key business that you just need to plug into and work.

Trust the Vision and Please Don’t Quit in Yourself!


If my wife and I quit at the first or tenth time that something didn’t work for our business we would never have been able to tell our 7-year overnight success story. We often think about the thousands of lives we were able to impact over our network marketing career simply, because we didn’t quit.

We tried, we failed — but we kept trying.

By implementing the 3 tips I’m sharing with you today and we made IT happen! It’s not because we are any different than you reading this … we were only different from the ones who didn’t quit.

Times will get tough, there will be days you want to quit because you feel so stuck and there will be moments where all you want to do is scream. BUT, there will be moments of sheer happiness, satisfaction and seeing them impact you ARE creating because you are trusting the process and keeping your dreams alive.

Let me ask you this, how can I best serve you on your journey? And, who can you share these 3 important tips to get started in 2021 with who will benefit the way WE did?

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