Interest in Your Business – How to Get More

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Most people would assume that when they join a network marketing business, going to social media to tell ‘everyone’ would be very wise (sometimes even at the suggestion of a sponsor). Unfortunately, this is NOT how to get more interest in your business, it’s actually the opposite. One could argue that with 75% of online adults on social media – why wouldn’t one take this route, I’ll show you why. Imagine walking into a party and you start selling immediately – you wouldn’t. You would provide some value, get to know people first – treat your business on social media the same way.

Would you like to learn how to get more interest in your business each month on social media?

Great, let’s dive in.

In today’s training you will learn, how to get more interest in your business using social media, and it might not be what you think. Many would assume that by posting more about your products and business would help generate more interest, when in reality, this may be doing more harm than good. You are actually pushing people away. Think about how many advertisements and commercials we’re exposed to every single day – we start to almost “not even notice” them – Don’t join that party.

Wait, what?

“Coach Fryer, are you telling me that by posting all about my company and awesome products that I’m actually losing business and interest?” Yup, you sure are! Let me explain…

Here is How to Get More Interest in Your Business

Answer: “Stop telling everyone all about your business!”

Sometimes we can become so infatuated with excitement about our products and company, that we exude that excitement (way overboard, likely unintentionally) on social media, which is actually pushing people away from you. Posting repeatedly about this, is helping your friends and followers actually lose interest in what it is you are doing.

By giving away all of the info, we are surrendering  the “cookie.” You know, giving away all of the goodies, leaving little to curiosity whatsoever (this is NOT good). Or consider this, you’ve posted about this amazing product or company – often, people are inclined to ‘do their own research’, sound familiar? Well guess what? Having a potential customer or distributor doing their own research on Google for example, won’t always bring out the “good information” that you hoped they would see or better yet, hear from you. When we do this, we are helping our prospects to make an uninformed decision.

Let’s reverse engineer this for a moment

When thinking of how to get more interest in your business, we must reverse-engineer the thought process of sharing (I totally just used Psychology terminology on you there). Did you catch that? Yes, by sharing less, and building MORE curiosity, this will help you generate MORE interest in your business from potential customers and business partners.

How many potential customer are you losing right now by giving away all of the information?

In today’s video, I’m going to share how to get more interest in your business and do it the right way on social media.

Was this helpful on how to get more interest in your business?

My hope is that you utilize social media to the fullest and with the right tools and and by learning the right skills, learn how to get more interest in your business by sharing little to nothing about it.

Right on, glad it was beneficial to you.

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