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6 Ways to Kick the New Year off Right to Create Impact

A New Year offers a bright opportunity to clear the slate, make a fresh start and set new goals. And, although this holiday season may continue look a little differently for many, know that you’re not alone.

Also I hope you can find comfort in, and know that although we have a couple weeks left of this year, looking forward into the coming year is a great way to set yourself up for success.

6 Ways to Help you Plan for and, Kick off the New Year

Revive the Forgotten.


We all have unfinished notebooks, folders with plans for a potential new prospects, and ideas scribbled on post-it notes stuck around the house somewhere. It may be time to take another look at those ideas, even just to see if they are viable for this year.

Chances are, one of them has a GREAT idea that you can execute. So if possible, start there.

These might be items you ‘tabled’ for later and simply forgot about them. Or, it was an idea that suddenly you were discouraged about following through but it still excites you.

Additionally, take some time to update your social media profiles. Make sure they have been filled out as best as possible, images are fresh and the page looks inviting overall. You might consider adding a new cover photo or current update in your bio are great ways to liven things back up again.

Start being more Proactive.


The new year, or start of a new quarter are great times to have a close look at your weaknesses. Hear me out … You won’t spend much time focused on those (don’t worry), but a quick audit is important. Ask yourself where you are with your audience.

Are you feeling out of touch?

Missing the mark in the execution from curiosity post to sale, and so on?

Although I never encourage people to compare themselves to others — this is a great place for some market research. Have a look at what people in your niche are doing.

Take a look at the colors they are using in their images, are they focused more on the customer pain points or celebrations? What are your competitors doing successfully that you can work into your own strategy?

Remember, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel.


What we do need to do is be aware of what is happening in the marketplace because your audience will tell you everything you need to know. When you see certain ads come up on your Facebook timeline for example (and there will be plenty going into the new year), click the little arrow in the top right corner.

Select the tab that says ‘why am I seeing this ad?’.

This snippet of demographics will mention why you were targeted.

And, since we are in the relationship marketing business, chances are your ideal prospects and customers are interested in the same things. These ads can tell you a TON about your potential and/or ideal audience.

Create or Tidy up your Office Space.


Don’t wait for spring cleaning. Fresh start, clean slate remember? Jazz up your office space – even if this means you are working from your living room couch. Keep the area clear of clutter and always keep a notebook and pen handy.

Box up or throw up papers and notes that no longer serve your purpose. Studies show that a cleaner work space increases productivity, morale and ultimately, sales.

You may be amazed how important this is (and how good you will FEEL) for your mental and emotional health.

The new year is a perfect time to make this happen!

Doing this will also help you get organized. Determine the tasks of priority, and put away the ones you are not focused on right now. This will increase your productivity and help to eliminate unnecessary stress too.

Impact Playbook

Balance, Self-Care and Family time.


Stop working yourself into the ground. Although a hard work ethic will take you great places in this incredible  industry of network marketing and direct sales – you need some sort of balance.

It is so crucial to make time for the things that help you feel alive. And, your family can be that friendly reminder of why you are working so hard on the off hours. Scheduling in personal time should be a priority.

Consider an hour a day that you just shut things off. Stop bringing your phone to the dinner table for example. Use this time to check out when it is personal/family time, make this non-negotiable.

Social media will always be there – and those messages can wait.

This was a tough lesson to learn … and one I needed to make it order to make my business thrive. We can’t talk about our family being our ‘why’ when we don’t make the time to spend with them. Right?

Determine a Theme.


This year, instead of making a resolution, come up with a theme. The theme should be a word that resonates and aligns with you and embodies something that has been missing this past year.

Write this word down and keep it on your desk and look at it every day.

Here are some examples of ones are Social Impacter Community shared; mindfulness, influence, simplify, adventure, intention and IMPACT!

When you’ve chosen your theme, keep it as the focal point for everything you do this coming year. Make it your purpose. Meaning, when you are taking action on something in your business, ensure that your theme is clear.

Does the activity match the theme in some way? (this is a similar exercise you likely do with your content and/or brand pillars)

Some of this may require thinking outside of the box a little bit but once you start implementing this theme/word into everything you do, you will notice a difference.

Let me know in the comments what your theme for the New Year will be!

Set Reasonable Deadlines and Meet them.


These deadlines may be in relation to the goals you’ve set – but always be REAL about them. If you are working with a prospect and you say you will follow up in 3 days, follow up in 3 days. Perhaps you are retrieving some information for a team member – follow through.

Fortune is almost always in the follow up, but more importantly in the follow through.

The New Year offers an opportunity to reframe, reorganize, start over, and do the things you’ve been putting off from the previous year.

Be patient with yourself.

You have all year to accomplish your new goals.

Oh! Don’t forget to reward yourself whenever you make gains in a positive direction. Always celebrate the wins — big and small.

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