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How to Launch your Social Media Business | Part Five

Social media is one of the most valuable marketing assets for any brand and it’s especially true for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s easily accessible, millions of people are using it on a daily basis and, it’s a free way to market your business. But the question I hear most often from network marketers isn’t whether or not to use social media, it’s how to use it effectively. So, welcome to part five of how to launch your social media business!

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What I’ve heard more about people who have gone through these series to date, are the actionable pieces when it comes to the business launch (or relaunch). This part won’t be any different and we’ll focus on what of the most important aspects, in my opinion, of the network marketing professions.


Your Social Media Business System


I would love if you took a few minutes to identify the systems you already have in place for your social media business. For example these could be;

  1. Company or corporate getting started videos or checklists
  2. An Upline or Sponsor designed getting started system
  3. Beginner or Curiosity styled posts
  4. Top 100 lists


… and so on. Identify on a piece of paper or notebook what YOU currently have access to. In the event you are unsure, these are great questions to ask the person who bought you into the business.

Because here’s what we know to be true — systems are what create growth.

They set up the ‘new’ person to get started the right way. If you haven’t already plugged into my generic Facebook group for network marketers, you could use this as part of your system. Inside there, I teach all things about running a network marketing or direct sales business on social media.

You want to encourage anyone that bring into your business to plug into the systems in order to leverage others efforts, attract new people, create great habits and ultimately … GROW. Whether you are running an offline or social media business having the right systems WORK as long as you WORK them.

Remember, people won’t always do what you say but they will do what you do. 


If you ask some of the most successful network marketing professionals ‘what they have done to grow massive business’, their answers are almost always the same …

They are consistent will following proven systems and they show their teams to do the same.

Network marketing has been designed in a lot of ways to be a fool proof system. However, even though the systems are simple they can be difficult for some people to stick with.

This is where BELIEF and your vision come in super helpful.

Let me know if this 5-part series has been helpful for you in launching or relaunching your business on social media and don’t forget to check out and comment on the videos for a chance to WIN!

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