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Leadership Development for Network Marketers and Direct Sales Consultants

Network Marketing is all about leadership development. And, to really succeed at higher levels, you need the ability to identify existing leaders. Or, recognize upcoming potential leaders, and then help those potential leaders step into their own greatness.

Not only must you lead your team, but you must eventually step aside and make room for new leaders to emerge and take over your role.

Your job is to work yourself out of that role.

After spending several years at our desired success in the profession we’ve been fortunate. We have been able to acquire some valuable skills along the way. And as a result, this is where our coaching community emerged and we knew our purpose was leading us down that path of helping others.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development Laws: How To Apply Them

Arguably, the best leadership book of all time is John Maxwell’s ‘The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership‘. And, likely why it found its way to my top 10 recommended books. (<< Full Top 10 List)

This read literally, takes you through the step by step laws. It will not only help you become a better leader, but help you lead a stronger team. This book is also equipped with an evaluation tool; see how well you fare and where you can grow.

I want to use the Leadership Laws concept (with our twist) to help break down where as a leader, you should start. And more importantly, help you relate them to actionable steps.

We will include two (2) laws to teach you today for network marketers. (be sure to grab your free download at the end of this post too!)

Leadership Law for Network Marketers #1

→ Lead yourself, first. It is easy to get caught in the blame game. Think about times your team didn’t follow through on a suggestion. Or, your guests didn’t come out to a home meeting or event. Maybe you found people who joined you in business weren’t the go-getters you thought they were, etc.

The classic mistake of many beginners in Network Marketing is thinking that you can sponsor a few people and then manage them into making you rich.

This is about personal responsibility for your business. In fact, it rarely matters what you tell people to do – because they would sooner model after what you do. It is like being on display, a lot of the time. What do you want your audience seeing you do?

Your team or prospects for business are watching how you present your products/service. They are watching how you use the system.

Success requires you to be a unique combination of sorts.

leadership Development

That of mentor, coach, teacher, and business partner. Remember, people don’t work for you, they work for themselves. But of course what they do impacts your own results and income.

This will require a mindfulness of supervision, training, demonstrating, and leading by example. And that’s not something you’re going to learn in your startup kit, unfortunately. You may (or may not be) surprised to know that some of the best network marketing training (and leadership development), didn’t come from network marketing.

Instead, it came from finding people I wanted to be like, and watching what they did.

It came from everyday life, leading my family and being a role model to my children. It came from my old baseball experiences, coaches and teammates. The best training I ever received was from successors (or past) in the network marketing industry who were focused on leading others into a strong place of leadership.

Using their leadership development skills, and by way of duplication – we made it happen.

Bottom Line: When you are ready to lead, start with yourself. 

Action Steps – Audit Yourself for Leadership

  • Emotional. What are you passionate about? Do you love what you’re doing?
  • Mental. Where are you most knowledgeable, skilled, and competent? Are you using those competencies?
  • Physical. Are you financially secure? Do you feel safe here? Culture/Camaraderie?
  • Spiritual. What would make your work most meaningful to you? Is your work consistent with your values? Does your contribution fit with your sense of purpose or direction?

This is a great exercise that you should do with yourself, and offer the same ‘check-in’ to your team or accountability partners.

Leadership Law for Network Marketers #2

→ Manage things, not people. One of the most difficult barriers to overcome in the network marketing industry is this focus on advancements. Often, companies name their first few ranks, words like ‘Director’ and ‘Manager’. Therefore, someone is successful and recruits a handful of people one month and suddenly they fall into management mode instead of leadership.

We cannot stress this enough.

This wonderful profession is not about managing people, it’s about leading them.

Think of it in terms of cause and effect. Quit forcing people to do things – base your actions on what will cause your team to do things. Especially things they may not want to do. For example, Facebook Live. One of the biggest fear moments for plenty of people.

Want your team to go live? Go live yourself. 

leadership development

These are moments you can share transparently.

Talk about how it made you feel but also include the results you saw. People are naturally driven by results. Show them the way to achieve results like you, by duplicating what you do. That was a bit of a mouthful, but know that leadership involves demonstrating to others instead of telling others what to do.

When you lead a team, you cause them to decide to do things they didn’t want to do when they first joined the business. These can range from a cold message on Facebook, going live, sharing their personal journey, etc.

Bottom Line: Manage things like orders and auto ships, event attendance and training. Lead your team. 

Action Steps – Create a Leadership Development Skills List

♦ Using a blank sheet of paper, draw a line down the middle of the page. (if you are computer savvy, you can create the same using a spreadsheet program too)

♦ On the left side, title the column Leadership

♦ Underneath that column, list words that describe leaders (communication, relationship building, demonstrating, teaching, etc.)

♦ On the right side, title the column Management

♦ Underneath that column, right this definition ‘the process of dealing with or controlling things or people’ (boss, supervisor, etc.)

♦ Post this list up somewhere that you commonly work your business. Be mindful of which side of the page you are working from.

Keep in mind this can be an ongoing list. If you recognize a leadership skill you want to embark on, or displayed – add it to the list! And, if you noticed yourself falling into management mode add it under the definition that we want to steer clear of.

Now, let’s briefly discuss the things every person must KNOW for effective, leadership development. In other words, there is no exception. Now given, it may take some trial and error, and support (be sure to join our free community) but with consistency of taking action – you WILL get there.

The question is, how many leaders will you have with you?

Creating leaders is such an amazing feeling. I love when we are working with our clients who have reached new heights they only dreamed of. Or, those moments you receive a message saying ‘coach Fryer I couldn’t have done this without you’.

leadership development

Top Ten Things Every Leader Must Know

  1. Strong leaders are able to impact performance by what they do not say but by what they do.
  2. They understand that values and ethics play a much larger role in the effectiveness of a long-term relationship than most people typically think.
  3. Short-term results can be driven by a manager’s words.  Long-term results are driven by a leader’s actions.
  4. Successful leaders create organizations made up of individuals who have a desire to continuously get better.
  5. Leaders realize the personal impact they make on the people they come in contact with every day.
  6. Successful leaders realize you cannot totally separate a person’s work life from their personal life.
  7. They accomplish their tasks through other people, not themselves.
  8. Leaders don’t inform people; they energize people to participate.
  9. Leadership development is through. how they foster the growth and application of information not merely passing it along.
  10. Leaders are comfortable with communication flowing back up to them, and they know how to deal with it once it’s received.

‘How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action’

Free Download of ‘Start With Why’ by Simon Sinek ←

The phrase goes something like this; the test of a true leader is not about how many followers you have, it is about how many leaders you develop. This is what our profession is about. We didn’t launch our business to become bosses and hire people. Most people join this profession to help, motivate and inspire others. Perhaps they are seeking a freedom their lives don’t current posses. The could be time or financial.

Everyone has a different goal – but the journey is quite similar.

Who can you lead today?  

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Leadership Development