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How to Leverage Attraction Marketing in Your Business

How to Leverage Attraction Marketing … let’s start with this. The difference between those chasing the newest corners to cut and those that truly understand the fundamentals of network marketing and customer acquisition is this …

the principles and fundamentals of sales don’t actually change.

For example, one key principle in business over the ages has been that a customer who receives something for free is always more willing to buy something from you, right? Instead of someone who has not.

This is called the reciprocity.

Give, Give, Give, Ask.

Customers then, may feel obligated to purchase from you after having received something for free – something they found of value.

And we see this all the time in business.

Why do you think Costco has all their sample tables ready to feed you? They do it because they want to sell more of a certain product. They know if you get it for free and you like it, you’re far more willing to buy it. (We are totally guilty of this — are you?)

This is no different than what we want to talk about today.

Leverage Attraction Marketing in your Business

Among the top 3 ways to attract others to your business are these mediums;

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Video Marketing

We should note, these are in no particular order. When you are able to maximize these 3 mediums you are in prime position to leverage attraction of customers to your business. Why? Well, because this is more than likely where your ideal customers are.

The only variables in this list are which social media platforms you will find them on!

So, take a moment and look at how you have been marketing your business. This doesn’t mean you’ve gone from billboard to ninja – because we hope at this stage you’ve ‘grown out of the spam-fest’. Consider the following things when you look at your Timeline (referring to social media medium like Facebook, Instagram).

  1. Are you providing value?
  2. Have you positioned yourself as the go-to (the expert)?
  3. Did you ‘give’ your audience anything?
  4. Are you guilty of giving away the cookie?

You could answer each of these with a yes or no — All but the last one should be a yes!

Leverage Attraction Marketing by Providing Value

This can be something as simple as a great recipe you found and are sharing it with your audience. Let them know what you loved the most about it and how the kitchen tool business you represent has the BEST gadgets for making this recipe that much easier. And, you’re not asking them to buy anything – you’re just sharing your ways – peaking that curiosity.

Positioned Yourself as the Expert

Become the go-to person in your space. Let’s use the example of someone who is a distributor for a makeup company. Maybe you have some great make up brush cleaning tips or, best ways to contour your face. Share these tips! Teach your audience something they may not have thought about. Use your experience to share the knowledge. Give the tip away!

What’s this about Giving Away the Cookie? (tune in below)

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leverage attraction marketing