Leveraging Facebook Groups for Network Marketing Growth

Do you ever find yourself asking ‘what am I┬ámissing that top leaders are doing to grow their business?‘ If you’re asking yourself those types of questions — you’re on the right track! Now, have you ever considered how they may be leveraging Facebook Groups to do so?

See, Facebook has been telling us since mid 2017 that Facebook Groups were going to see various additions to the platform; units, announcements, post and comment features, etc. And for those already managing their own groups you may also have received notification on how to create membership communities more recently.

This tells us without question that Facebook will be putting much more emphasis on groups. And, we want to teach you all we can about leveraging Facebook Groups for your business. In today’s post, I will run through some of the best things you can do starting today. (and be sure you read to the end … you won’t want to miss this one!)

Leveraging Facebook Groups in Network Marketing

Now, I do have an existing post on Facebook Groups you may want to check out too. It focuses on the variety of ways you can use groups, whereas this post, I want to dive a little deeper into one primary section.

First of all, why do people join groups anyways? Well, here’s a short list;

  1. Support
  2. Education

… I’m sure there are other reasons to follow these 2 however, we know that these are the 2 primary reasons people join them. So, above all else you need to satisfy these primary needs.

Ask yourself each time you post;

  1. Am I bringing value and/or teaching them something?
  2. Is the post and group overall vibe supportive?

Foster these 2 things and you are further along than you thought.

How can you Educate your Audience?

What is your niche? Where are your strengths when it comes to this topic area? Uncover these and they are the exact things you are going to bring to your group. These are excellent ways to create a more comfortable environment for you while, leveraging Facebook Groups to nurture and grow your audience.

We know that ‘becoming the known expert’ is key, right? This is where you need to do everything you can to exploit your strengths. You want your audience to leverage your knowledge for their own gain. Because, as we know people will buy or join from those they feel that they know, like and trust.

Feed them what they want.

Maybe there are relevant articles, videos or links you can share. Or, get more personal with a live video in your community – get up close and personal with your following. These are key things in growing the retention and trust with your audience. The leveraging of Facebook Groups can almost feel absent at first but, work on educating your members and the rest will follow.

How can you Support your Audience?

Think about what type of support you wanted or required when learning about your niche. Everyone was once a beginner – including you. Using easy to understand, building block type information is important. The last thing you want is for the value to be soaring over their heads. Keep the information simple and easy to understand – increase the delivery over time – you’ll know when they’re ready.

Additionally, a kind word goes a LONG way. Encourage your members, remind them you’re there to lean on, be available to answer their questions and support them through the answers. By being present is one of the best ways to support your audience. Therefore when they feel supported, leveraging Facebook Groups becomes a no-brainer. You are able to drop product or service recommendations (niche related) because they’ve already grown to appreciate and trust you.

Don’t view leverage as a negative word. Instead, consider it almost like a reimbursement of your time spent educating and supporting your audience.

The key with support is it needs to be genuine. Otherwise, your efforts will be for ‘nothing’.

Building and Leveraging Facebook Groups 101

Groups are the future of Facebook – we’ve heard it from the man himself. And I appreciate that there are all different kinds of them;

  1. Prospect Groups
  2. Team Groups
  3. Niche Groups
  4. Customer Groups

… and so on. And I also appreciate that it can feel almost discouraging at first when you open your group, you have tons of great content and the only people seeing it are *crickets*. Because of this we have one of our best selling courses that focuses specifically on building and leveraging Facebook Groups.

And since this is a much needed skill (even more so than before in my humble opinion) I wanted to make it accessible for everyone. Find out more Here >> FACEBOOK GROUPS FOR NETWORK MARKETERS << Please note: This is a 24 Hour Special ONLY (closes at 7am EST on May 16, 2019)

I can’t wait to see you crushing groups and in turn, crushing your business!

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