Influencers on Social Media | Leveraging Them To Boost Your Business

Influencer, a word that we have started to hear a lot of in the last few years. And, rightfully so. According to an article in ‘Influencer Analysis’, they describe an influencer is an individual who has above average impact on a specific niche process. They, are normal people. Who, are often connected to key roles of media outlets. Including; consumer groups, associations or community tribes. These individuals are not simply marketing tools, but social relationship assets. So, this leads me to this, leveraging influencers on social media. What can this do for your network marketing or direct sales business?

TONS! A Whole Lot Even.

No, seriously. In this post I want you to be able to walk away with tangible steps that you can take action on immediately to start leveraging influencers in your niche.

Influencers are said to be big deal on social media. They are the ‘power players’ in the space. They are the ones with thousands or even millions of followers, viral worthy content and they often have a reputation to match all the hype.

Sometimes, their popularity is driven by their charisma or authenticity. Other times, it’s driven by their sheer commitment to thought leadership in the social media industry. Usually, it is a combination of the two—but no matter why they’re popular. And, why that’s important is that they have influence over a significant audience.

And, if you’re clever enough, you can use that influence to your advantage.

Who are the Influencers in your Niche?

Influencers Network MarketingThink about who they are for a moment. Need a few ideas? OK, let’s start with network marketing – an influencer who might come to mind right away is someone like Eric Worre or Sarah Robbins.

Seemed simple enough right? I’m sure. You know who they are (or should) based on their influence in the amazing profession we’re all apart of. And, that’s great. Chances are, you will find a ton of people, just like you, who love their company, are committed to making it work for them, are rooted to their goals, or are looking for some motivation to attain all of those things.

These people make great accountability partners.

And hey, they may even become life long friends.

However, these people who interact there are probably not your target audience. Meaning, they are possibly reaching out to these influencers like you are for guidance, confirmation, support or knowledge. Now, this doesn’t mean they aren’t seeing what else is out there, but I promise you there are pages where you can be leveraging influencers in from another niche.

This, might include thinking outside of the box a little bit.

What is Audience Targeting?

As described above, you can use influencers to identify valuable audience members that could add influence to your business. For example, you identify an influencer in your industry with 10,000 followers, you can bet that most of those 10,000 would be valuable followers if they followed and engaged with you.

Because of this, you can selectively target influencers’ audience members for individual interactions, and build your own audience using theirs as a model.

Let’s use a little memory jogger here.

Take a moment, and identify your industry (the one inside network marketing or direct sales). For example, let’s suggest you said ‘health and wellness’. Through the help of our friend Google, I came across the top 100 Health and Wellness Influencers in the world.

Adriene Mishler is on that List

Now, I have to be honest I had no idea who she was. But, that doesn’t matter, because her 2 million YouTube followers do. And, her close to 350 thousand on her Facebook Page do.

And THOSE people are part of my target audience or customer profile if I was in the Health and Wellness space.

The actress and yoga guru is the creator of Yoga With Adriene, a YouTube channel (and lifestyle) loved by yoga newbies and experts alike. Mishler’s channel has nearly 2 million followers, and it’s easy to see why: Her sequences are easy to follow and smooth, making them perfect for yogis of all levels. 

Now, keeping with the topic about leveraging influencers – what could you do next? Contacting her is an option, but probably not leveraging influencers one that will help you in the short term. Let’s have a look at her page for a moment on Facebook. What do you think the chances are of someone who has interacted – specifically commented on her page might be slightly curious in what you have going on?

Probably, pretty good. Before we get carried away – this does NOT mean message everyone who commented and spam a link at them. What it does mean though, is you have found a point of mutual interest. Keep in mind, that if you are no fan of yoga, this is not the right page for you – but if you are, establish that – even through a cold message.

Take the first comment shown here for example.

You might try a message that says something like ‘Hey Alyssa! Saw you and I were both ‘fans’ of Yoga with Adriene, and read your comment about sensitive knees – the worst right?’ Or, maybe something like ‘Hey Amanda! I couldn’t help but relate to your comment on the Yoga with Adriene page, so many people can’t engage I too was one of them’.

Whatever you choose to you, be authentic about the piece of you, that you are sharing. This might mean scrolling through the first dozen comments. The good thing when it comes to influencers in their niche is there is never a shortage of engagement on their posts.

Find what makes sense for you, and something you can eventually tie into your offer. Give first, and maybe even give again, and again. Work on building a relationship. As we know, the cold message approach can take longer. Don’t rush this process. Instead, nurture in and become consistent with it.

Creating Thoughtful Comments while Leveraging Influencers Engagement

This, is a great habit to get into. I was recently speaking with someone who shared with me that in the first hour of making a well, though out comment on a local news channel, she received 31 new friend requests. This person, went on to explain that she often seeks out local news Facebook Pages and finds articles of interest to her.

She takes the time to read the article, or watch a video – and then takes time to write a thoughtful comment. One that may state an opinion, create dialogue or a healthy debate. She may offer a perspective or suggestion to a problem. This woman said she was often one of the first people to comment because she left the notifications on so that she knew when new content ‘went up‘. Because, if you pay attention to which comments show at the top of a comment thread it is usually the comments with the most engagement. And, the ones with the most engagement. are often the first few comments to have been left.

So think about this; you have found your golden influencer, you turn your notifications on – a new post goes up.

You take your time (no more than a few minutes) to post a comment with the intention, that it will deliver value to anyone reading it. And, you wait. All of a sudden, your comment starts receiving likes, replies (always reply to them) and your friend requests start coming in. People who are connected to this same influencer are now wanting to connect with you.

And, because you are consistent in your own timeline – meaning, it aligns with the same values in the comment you left, these people continue to follow you. That cold lead suddenly made themselves – lukewarm.

Trust that this too, like any other strategy takes consistency, and patience. But one that could pay off, tremendously.

My Challenge to You for Leveraging Influencers

I challenge you to find an influencers page in your niche and connect with a minimum of three (3) new people everyday using that strategy alone.

What this will create is the act of filling that funnel every day with people you are more than likely not connected to already in some way. And, you already share a mutual point of interest to grow on. 

I challenge you to create a well thought out comment on five (5) influencer pages 4 out of 7 days a week. Feel free to revisit these pages too. Always using a new post to comment on.

After you’ve identified the key influencers in your niche, tapping into the power of their existing audience can often be reduced to a simple matter of building a relationship and making reasonable requests.

Keep track of your progress.

Stay patient, and revise your approach as necessary to continue drawing and building the greatest cumulative influence.


If I could ask you to share this with someone you know or your teams who may benefit from this information that would be awesome! 

Have you used these strategies before? 

Leave a comment below – love to hear your thoughts, comments and feedback! 

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