leveraging the comment section

Find your Next Customer by Leveraging the Comment Section

You are building a business using social media — GREAT! So before we dive in to this post … you want to download my ‘cheat sheet‘ on 11 Places to Find your Next Customer on Social Media … trust me. OK, now that we have that out of the way in this post I am going to focus on finding your next customer while leveraging the comment section.

Please note: the comment section(s) I’m referring to are on familiar platforms such as;

  1. Facebook Pages of Influence
  2. Facebook Groups
  3. Instagram
  4. LinkedIn


…. and in this post (as I mentioned above), I want to (re) introduce you to other platforms like Reddit, Medium and Quora.

Leveraging the Comment Sections is GOLD


Did you know that creating valuable content is only one piece of the puzzle? There is no question that quality content is KEY to building a business online but it shouldn’t stop there. We focus a lot on how to create posts to generate engagement … but what about our own ‘engaging’?

Sure, we engage with those who engage with us but let’s take it a step further.

Social Media = Getting social.

And how can we ‘be social’ while providing valuable content that will drive others to check us out?

Have you ever noticed how many people are commenting on social media asking questions and seeking answers to those questions? Or, do we get so caught up in our own needs/wants that we lose sight of what’s in front of us? I would guess the latter and I want to help you shift that way of thinking.


Looking for Gold?


When you’ve finished with this blog, head over to the following platforms and create a free account. They make it even simpler when you can use your Facebook or Google logins to expedite and simplify the process (including your profile info).

  1. Reddit
  2. Quora
  3. Medium 


You will need these free accounts to take advantage of leveraging the comment section on these platforms.

What is Reddit?


They call themselves the ‘front page of the internet’ — and in a lot of ways this couldn’t be more true. There are approximately 450 million active users on this platform. Many of which are questions users are asking looking for answers, feedback, suggestions or otherwise.

After signing in, Reddit will offer you recommendations on finding popular boards that may match your interests. If you currently have a particular community in mind that you want to join, go ahead and enter its name in the search field. Alternatively, you can hunt for applicable words and investigate that way.

In other words, Reddit does the heavy lifting for you. By choosing the interests applicable to your business, you will be shown users who quite honestly are looking for you.

What is Quora?


Quora, currently boasts an active user base of 300 million people who use this site primarily as a question and answer style platform.

After creating your free account, you can then start to follow things that interest you. Quora is the perfect mix between a search engine and social media. You follow things on the website, but there is a greater emphasis on topics rather than people. Either way, whatever you choose to follow will make up the content in your feed.

Quora allows you to link your website for references (if you don’t have one yet your social media profile like Facebook can work well here). By linking your profiles or website, you are not only leveraging the comment section with value but you are creating other ways they can connect with you.

What is Medium?


Medium is an abundant source of articles from a huge variety of writers, poets, and comic artists from around the world. In their words; It’s the Youtube of writing.

You can go there to read — as over 200 million people do a month — or to share your articles and stories with a huge audience. It is set up similarly to a blog and like the platforms mentioned above, it will show you content related to your topics of interest.

That’s Great, So Now What?


Now that you have a general understanding of these platforms it’s time to leverage the comment sections on these platforms.

The users are ALREADY here … they are ALREADY asking questions … they are ALREADY seeking advice and here you are. You are a network marketer and/or entrepreneur who has a TON of value to give. When you are following topics related to your niche, you are already halfway there.

Let’s assume for a moment that you are in the wellness industry; weight loss, skin or hair care, clean living, etc.

The newsfeed on the above platforms are showing you content related to these topics.

Actual Post on Quora:

What are the best skin care tips?’

This question generated 625 answers … and, created several other questions related to this topic generating a combined number of answers to the tune of 800+ answers.

So, why not you?

Would you have value to bring to this topic area? What about these sub-questions;

  1. What is your skincare routine?
  2. What’s the best skincare products?
  3. What is a good skincare routine for normal skin?


… and the list goes on.

There are literally thousands of posts JUST like this on Quora.

Your next customer is easily hanging out on this platform looking for answers and you have the solution. Reddit boasts similar style questions and Medium, gets a bit meatier BUT just as effective.

leveraging the comment section

Hop into the Comment Sections


What are others asking or saying in the comments? You would be surprised how much value you can bring to these platforms. The commenters are often telling you everything you need to know when it comes to pain points, needs, wants, objections, etc.

Nurture that.

Give value.

Offer assistance.

You can create an almost immediate level of trust with users based on the value you give. Spend time answering the question not pitching. Comment sections are perfect areas to lead with value and generate curiosity to what you have to offer.

Most people won’t take the time to craft a meaningful response because they get too caught up in selling, don’t be that person. Leveraging the comment section doesn’t mean sell in it … it means leverage the content that already exists by the people who are already seeking answers.

Remember the skincare question above? Check out some of the answers that were given on that post here.

Some of them are absolutely PERFECT examples that lead to other pieces of content that the person answering has done. You could craft your closing with something like; if you found these skincare tips valuable, check out a video I did here on this very topic.

The word here, could lead to a Facebook Live or even a YouTube video you may have done. Bring those users into your web … Absolute gold when this happens.

Make it Part of your Content Strategy


If you truly want to leverage the comment section on these platforms effectively, I strongly encourage you to make it part of your content strategy. Set aside an hour a week to hang out on the above platforms answering questions.

I think you will also find you will be able to repurpose much of the valuable content you’ve already created here too. If you have a great post on skincare routines (or other topics in your niche)— repurpose it in the form of an answer.

Like any content, make it intentional, purposeful and designed to make an impact.

Your next customer could easily be part of the millions of users on these platforms and why should you miss out? Up you up to the task?


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