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How You Can Make An Impact Online

You might not be selling your products or services online or trying to attract global customers, but as an entrepreneur, you cannot afford to ignore the importance of making an impact online. Still, many entrepreneurs do not understand the growing importance of a strong online presence.

Often, they underestimate the potential it has in attracting new customers and business opportunities.

In this post and included video, I want to share with you the primary thing you can do to make an impact. After all, this is more than just business to us right? It’s about bettering others lives to better our own. Now, you might be sharing a product or service but how can you do so while creating an impact?

How to Make an Impact Online in Today’s Digital World

First and foremost who are you speaking to? Knowing your customer avatar is key. It will help you create the right messaging that your audience will relate to. Sure, everyone speaks about delivering value (myself included), but what does that mean?

Make the decision to contribute more.

Create intentional content be it written, through images or video that your audience wants. And, content that will help you make an impact online.

Remember, people aren’t on social media to be sold to — I can’t stress this enough. The almost 3 billion users on Facebook for example are often using the platform to see what their family and friends are up to, right?

So, give people what they are looking for.

Anyone can give an opinion — give more. Provide stories and moments that they will relate to and, want to know more about or even be a part of.

Focus on Building Better Relationships

Social media platforms are all about building and maintaining relationships. After all, we’re in the relationship business aren’t we?

These platforms can provide your identity and make your business look more appealing and even, engaging. Prospects will find your business trustworthy and will be able to relate to it on a more personal level. This is critical.

Social media is an effective way to get potential customers interested in your business and to form that underlying trust and, add to your relationship.

Teach more. Share more. Relate more.

If you want to make an impact online – DO more.

What are you doing on social media to create or improve your impact? What does your digital footprint look like? Would love your thoughts and feedback in the comments.

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