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3 Secrets to Massive Success in Network Marketing

Have you ever wondered what separates those who create massive success in network marketing and those who struggle? Even when you feel like you’re doing everything the ‘right’ way — you keep coming up short?

If you have, you’re not alone!

In today’s post, I am going to share with you what I believe to be the 3 secrets (no one is talking about) when it comes to creating massive success in networking marketing. More specifically, if you are building your business online.

It’s Time for YOU to Create Massive Success in your Business

… isn’t it?

So, the following ‘secrets’ I’m going to share with you come from;

  1. Personal experience
  2. My mentors and those I respect in the industry
  3. Our top-tier clients

I wanted to be transparent with you about where my suggestions and opinions are coming from because let’s be honest — source matters.

Chances are, you wouldn’t want to ‘take the word’ from someone you may be meeting for the first time, right? Or worse, someone who claims to know all the tricks of the trade but never implemented them themselves (been there!) And, there is often that reassuring piece when someone doesn’t just talk the talk but also, walks the walk.

Let’s get started.

Your Belief (and your ‘why’) Matters!

Think back to when you first launched your network marketing business (pro tip: professionals launch). You were fired up, right? Your belied was at an all-time high. I would bet you were ready to take on the world – maybe a little scared and nervous, totally normal – but you were ready to rock.

Unfortunately, maybe things didn’t take off the way you had hoped. The only volume in your back office was yours and maybe your best friend’s. That belief started to dwindle. That fire slowly become embers and potentially on the verge of going out all together.

Find ways to spark that belief, and fast. Reconnect with why you started in this industry in the first place. Revisit with why it was so important and exciting for you to get started and reignite that fire inside you.

Massive Success Stems from Mastering a Few Strategies

You launched your business on Facebook – Amazing! But for some reason Jane is crushing it on Instagram so you want to be there. And, David is blowing up Pinterest so you hop there too. Oh and wait — then there’s Amanda who is loving on LinkedIn so boom! There you are!

There’s a name for this; Jack of all trades and a master of none.

Be the master! Keep a tight focus (blinders on) when it comes to the marketing strategy that fits well for you, and stick with it. I always encourage people to spend at the very least 90 days on a specific strategy before claiming it doesn’t work. Sure, it’s important to stay relevant, and change with the times — but I assure you there are leaders crushing it across a variety of platforms to this day.

I mean, unless of course you’re out there searching for MySpace or something — you’re on the right track!

Get Around Others who are Doing it!

Want to create massive success in your network marketing business? Get around others who are;

  1. On a similar journey as you or,
  2. Have attained the level of success you are seeking.

The best way to do this — especially when building online — is get plugged into communities that are there to support you. You see, I talk a lot about our Social Impacter Community. We are close to 15K members strong. Members range from brand new network marketers all the way to multiple 7 figure earners.

However, we realized that there are people in this group who are ALL IN with their business. These are people who are working to attain that 6-7 figure a year income. And so, a couple years ago we launched what we call our Social Impacter Society.

Elite Network Marketing professionals who are wanting to level up.

But, it’s more than that. Let me explain.

A couple weeks ago we polled our members on what they love most about the Society and I want to share a few responses with you today.

The Question Read: How does being part of the society make you feel?

‘Appreciated. That someone wants to change the “MLM” world on social media the way it should be by relationships’

‘Safe – Secure. Able to learn without judgement or comparison’

‘Like I’m NOT being scammed… everyone in here actually wants me to succeed… love the team atmosphere’

‘Like there’s always someone who can help me or answer questions . Like I’m part of a community!’

Powerful or what? You see, one of the biggest obstacles for people in network marketing — and those looking to create massive success — is so much more than what tools to use. It is so much bigger than the app of the week or script of the year.

And, what we also realized is that we rarely ‘talk about it’. So, when really digging in with today’s post about the 3 secrets to creating massive success — Community goes without. saying.

You’re also in luck.

Right now, we want you to ‘test-drive’ it.

Seriously. For less than ONE cup of coffee (seriously) we want you to take a look inside what has these pros FIRED UP. Sound good? Drop me a comment — let me connect with you and give you the keys to creating massive success in your business, today.

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