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Quick Guide to help you Master Social Media Headlines

Social media plays a huge role in network marketers business, right? And, although your pages don’t always translate to immediate sales, social media helps increase brand awareness among your prospects. Additionally, it is a great tool to create and develop loyal, long-term relationships. Now, people are often wondering why some of their best content is even being seen in the first place. You might be surprised to know that headlines — that first sentence — plays a big role and a role that’s often overlooked. In this post I want to help you master social media headlines to boost engagement.

Before we dive into what a headline should create for your reader I want you to know this;

The most effective social media headlines contain 8 words.

Yes, you read that right.

Let me know in the comments if this surprised you (surprised me initially!)

However, when I started paying closer attention to what some incredible content creators were doing, it all made sense.

Those social media headlines are what grab the readers attention. And, when crafted right, people will often engage on your post before even consuming the entire thing. Since we know engagement rules the house, let’s help you take effective steps in growing that reach.

Quick Guide to help you Master Social Media Headlines


You want to stand out, on your readers feed, right? Of course you do — especially with the volume of the social media noise that exists today. So, the best place to start if you haven’t already is knowing your customer avatar. Although Facebook is the BEAST of social media platforms, make sure it’s the place your potential customers are spending time.

Now, I believe that you can build a multi 6-7 figure business on Facebook alone, however, if you need to venture onto other platforms make sure you’re choosing the right ones.

Here’s a great post on creating your customer avatar > Customer Avatar/Audience Profile

Once completed … definitely pop back here for the social media headlines 101.

My suggestion is create the opening sentence (or headline) last. Create the content first and that way you can modify your headline to match it versus the other way around.

In the American Writer’s Association and Artists Inc., they described using the 4 U’s in your headlines;

  1. Urgency
  2. Usefulness
  3. Uniqueness
  4. Ultra-specificity


The following is what I have adopted and adapted to meet the needs of network marketers.



These headlines are ones that create FOMO (Fear of Missing out). Whether they be time sensitive, or a post full of culture people just want to be a part of it. Words like limited or until, help create urgency in some killer social media headlines. Now, please remember this doesn’t mean you need to get off track in the content you’re creating and turn it into a billboard …  but get creative!

Find ways of incorporating urgency into your opening headline.



Demonstrate in your opening headline/sentence, how you are going to help your reader. These are the posts where you are bringing value to your audience. How to’s or DIY posts are great for these types of headlines. Here’s an example; let me show you how you can or, how would you like to learn how to Try it out — see which ones best suit your personality and create that NEED in your opening line.



These are the social media headlines that should, demonstrate your personality. Don’t be afraid to be quirky or funny. The idea behind unique headlines is to stand out from all the other posts that are filling up the newsfeeds. A fun emoji (as long as it matches your content) is also a friend of the unique headline – pop one in – get your readers attention! (avoid overusing them though … it can take away from the content if it’s bombarded with emojis)



In these social media headlines, you want to take a general statement and dial it down to your niche. For example, let’s assume you sell jewelry. Instead of check out my favorite jewelry collection, try; check out my top 10 fall jewelry finds! You can adapt this to any industry and, it’s also why I suggest creating the content first and adjusting the headline afterwards.

I hope you found these tips super helpful and let me know in the comments if you would love future posts to focus in on specifics for your content. This was a great question posed on a previous blog and I always aim to give you what you want (or need) the most!

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