mistakes when creating content

6 Mistakes People Make When Creating Content

I recently polled my Facebook community on content creation. The question was; Do you plan your content in advance or more spur-of-the-moment type of person? The answers varied — almost 50/50 mixed in with a bit of both. And, it had me realize that when we’re creating content although we all have ‘our ways’ of going about it, there are some mistakes that can (and are) hurting us.

Today’s blog will touch briefly on the mistakes being made and, how you can correct them. The main reason for this is we are all content creators in our own world, right?

Whether it be different niches or industries we are ALL creating content regularly. So, knowing the don’ts will almost always improve the do’s.

6 Mistakes People Make When Creating Content

… and I don’t want to see you be one of them!

First, know your audience. YES! I am referring to creating your customer avatar sooner than later. When you’re creating content you have to know who you’re speaking to otherwise, it won’t resonate. It’s not a matter of throwing something up and hoping it works — that’s not serving you (or them). Take the time and learn about who your audience is and the rest will be so much easier!

Secondly, your profile isn’t complete! This is more common than you think. Whether it be a website about page, a social media profile about section make sure it’s complete and, use it to lean on when creating content. Use the small tidbits you share about yourself to add into your posts or blogs. Your profile is often one of the first things people will check out so don’t let this be an after-thought.

Need help with completing a full profile? Just comment below and let me know!

Next, you have yet to incorporate storytelling or narratives into the content you’re creating. People want to know you so give them things to relate to, respond to, love on or cause them a reason to reach out. It’s not enough to just create some curiosity about a product or service, stories SELL.

Typos. Oh gosh … this happens I get it — we’re human. BUT take some time to read through your content before posting it. Sometimes it’s the simplest overlooked errors that can really take away from the post. Seriously, read it. Read it out loud to yourself. And, read it again.

Are you using YOUR voice?

When creating content, it means you are writing it not copy and pasting it. This happens in a number of industries and frankly, it’s quite confusing for your audience. Have you ever come across a post and thought, ‘they couldn’t have written that!’. When you are using others content as-is, it’s 1) a bit tacky but 2) it’s not authentic and it’s certainly not you!

Last but certainly not least — you’re not engaging. Believe it or not the comments and replies you leave for those who have commented on your pieces is another means of creating content. You’ve worked hard to be consistent with your posts, blogs, videos, etc. don’t let that go to waste because you haven’t set aside the time to engage. Remember, instructions lead to transactions when done right!

Hope this was helpful and be sure to share this out to those who may need a few reminders when it comes to creating content. Oh! And, don’t forget if you’d like some help with your profile comment below.


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