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Using Attraction Marketing to Share your MLM Products

Something that continues to cause my body to cringe is when network marketers share/spam their MLM products on social media without any substance. If I’m being transparent about it, it ends up like more of an infomercial. And so, the goal with this blog and included video is to help stop this trend of ‘sharing’. As an industry and as professionals we have to curb this old way of thinking. 

The goal is to attract customers not repel them, right? 

A strategy that has worked for us to great lengths and many of our clients is attraction marketing. It’s about creating curiosity and interest based posts to open dialogue with your prospects. 

You want to attract people to you without having to plaster your products and business names everywhere. 

MLM Products without the Spam

Let’s start with an example … 

Think about the last product you purchased after seeing an ad of some sort. Was it the name that caused you to buy? Probably not, right? I would imagine you found use, value and maybe even need in the product for yourself. And so, you purchased it. 

Now, using this same example think about your audience. What about your products or services would be valuable to them? Is it the name? Does their need have anything to do with the company name?

Again, probably not. 

Here is a quick breakdown of the strategy I use and teach to our communities. I do hope you find it valuable and be sure to check out the video for more details and examples to help you implement this as early as today. 

Posting Formula for Sharing Products or Services

Before anything you create come from a place of gratitude. You are given a platform to share your value at no cost to you — to benefit others. Your audience should always be the focal point of your content. This can be;

  1. Written content
  2. Video content
  3. Image content
  4. Audio content

Experiment with different mediums but always start with gratitude. 

The second part of my strategy is always address the need or problem. Make sure that you are clear in your communication about why this product or service is beneficial to them. Remember, people buy based on needs first, wants second. Therefor, don’t hold back on verbalizing the need. Take your audience into your story or example — let them experience the emotions you create in your content that causes them to reach out to you to know more. 

Lastly, once you have clearly addressed the need, complete your delivery with the solution. If you have created enough value — they will reach out. You always want to illustrate in their minds that you have the solution to the problem or need you have already identified for them. 

Follow through on the promise. Show your prospect and ideal customer why you are the go-to to help them fill the gap or need they are experiencing. 

Was this helpful? I would love your feedback in the comments and if I can help serve you more on this topic, let me know! 

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