MLM Recruiting Secrets Revealed For You

I remember when I was first introduced to network marketing, I struggled for 4 years, not attaining any real level of success. I’d hoped someone had these MLM recruiting secrets to share with me, but unfortunately, I was very much on my own. I failed, and failed again. Until, I started to surround myself and my life, with people who were where I wanted to be. I didn’t need to reinvent the wheel, I needed to listen, be coachable, be the fly on the wall at any opportunity I could.

Get In Where You Fit In

I devoured training, lots of it. Some I was able to obtain through YouTube and free webinars I sought out, and others I invested – I made a decision that I was going to make this work, and do whatever I could to ensure it did. I went from struggling for 4 years in network marketing to Number 4 overall in my previous company and the Number 2 recruiter. I had discovered a few golden MLM Recruiting Secrets of my own, and I want to share a few of these with you!

Because the truth is, when you are equipped with the right tools and strategies the industry is overloaded with potential professionally, financially and personally. Those who opt to do their ‘own thing’ are often chasing that shiny ball, or quitting because they just can’t make it happen. Both are decisions mind you, but why not take advantage of the proven and effective tools available at your fingertips? You deserve it don’t you?

MLM Recruiting Secrets Revealed

HAVE POSTURE: You need to believe that you are in fact, doing them a favor. MLM recruiting secretsPosture is a perceived position of strength, and confidence when dealing with other people, in this case, prospective recruits or distributors into your business. Often, when people are exposing or introducing their opportunity, new or old, to people they are coming from either no posture, or a weak one – this is not good news for your business.

Coming from a weak posture can give the impression of being desperate for either sales or recruits – desperate doesn’t sell, I promise. Most people that you connect with, try to remember they don’t necessarily have big dreams or for that matter a vehicle that will take them there, so maintaining a confident posture in the opportunity you’re presenting them is a major key. It elicits belief if not solely the vision but their belief that you can take them there.

You may very well be giving them the ticket to their dreams, that’s powerful, so ensure your message is delivered with confidence – help them paint that picture.

MLM Recruiting SecretsSAY LESS TO MORE: Imagine when you’re walking through a grocery store, or Costco even. You see the sample tables all set up, this excites most people! You walk over and you see a tray of freshly baked pies, or a pot full of hot delicious soup and they give you a taste. A little teaser. If you like it, chances are you will buy it, it’s right there at the sample table, accessible and just waiting for the consumer who’s taste buds it tickled to grab a box. Or, they weren’t the right consumer and they simply eat the sample and carry on their way. Then you have those consumers who come back for seconds, and often that is when they commit to the purchase.

You might even be that consumer who has a little sample, and then goes to tell whomever you’re shopping with that ‘they have to try this’, and you both walk over together – they grab their sample and you go in for seconds. My point is, this is strategic, it’s a little sample, a taste, a teaser – and if you’re the right person, you will buy or you will ask what’s in it, or how do they keep, etc. Call this the Grocery Secrets Revealed of the MLM Recruiting Secrets.

Consider this when you are prospecting for your network marketing business.

Would you stop for that sample if you knew you were going to have to listen to a super long monologue about the product? Probably not. You might even avoid those particular sample stands. Keeping things short, simple allows more people to taste the product and in turn, buy.

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE WHO HAVE WHAT YOU WANT: In simple terms, don’t overlook the power in MLM Recruiting Secretsinvesting in a mentor or coach. Have you ever heard the saying ‘If you do what someone else has done, you’ll get what they’ve got”? I cut out years of my own personal learning curve but seeking out the best person who worked for me, and what I wanted and I soaked up everything they had. From events, to training programs, webinars and calls to coaching communities.

If you don’t have a coaching community or a space to tap into more MLM Recruiting Secrets, I’d encourage you to check out this one →FACEBOOK COMMUNITY ← and shorten your own learning curve, and start seeing results sooner than later in your business. Your mentors and coaches don’t have to be local, that’s the beauty of the internet – from YouTube to Zoom meetings, Facebook live to Skype.

Bottom line when it comes to a coach, community or mentor, is keep in mind even the most successful entrepreneurs, network marketers and direct sales consultants have one. (This picture is me with my coach and mentor, Ray Higdon from a special event I was able to attend with him just recently)

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ASK QUESTIONS: Last, but certainly not least of my MLM Recruiting Secrets, is ask questions! You might be familiar with the term F.O.R.M. for those of you who aren’t let’s break this down for a moment. When you are in a conversation with a new prospect, or perhaps someone you’ve met on Facebook through my post on Building Your Business Using Social Media. You want to ask about F = Family O = Occupation R = Recreation M = Motivation. With those few questions, you have a solid starting point as to where this person is at in terms of being open to an opportunity, or hearing more about you.

The concept in asking questions is simple, it exposes a problem, in turn, making your suggestion of a solution, seamless. Because when that happens, and it’s a shift you will see and feel it, it positions you in a space of helping, wanting to assist them and why your opportunity really is a great fit for them – you’re providing an answer.

If you do not currently have a coach or mentor that is teaching you HOW to be successful on social media, click here to join our private coaching community now and connect with me on Facebook.

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