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Top Tips to Crushing your Month End Goals

Nearing the end of the month, right? Many network marketers blame the weather, economy, politics, distractions, traffic and whatever else they can think of. Primarily, we see this when they are falling a tad short of where they would like to be. However, then there are network marketers who are determined to crush their month end goals.

Up until the very last minute. Which one are you?

What Month End Goals are you Focusing on?


There are two (2) types of goals that you can consider as part of your goal setting strategies;

  1. Results Oriented
  2. Process Oriented


First, let’s talk about the results oriented goals. It is important that you have goals in your strategy that are focused towards a specific result. Because, ultimately a result is what you are after, short-term or long-term. However, I also believe that focusing solely on an ‘end result’ is a big mistake.

In order to achieve the ‘end result’, you need to pay attention to the process of getting there.

Second, let’s have a closer look at process oriented goals. These goals are little wins that serve as signs of progress that you are on the right path. How do you expect to reach your destination if you don’t have a plan to get there?

The harsh reality is that you don’t have complete control over whether or not you will achieve the result that you are after. You may have influence, at best. Although when it comes to the process – you have complete control.

Control over variables any day!

Own the Moment as you Crush your Month End Goals


Get ready to own it. You need to own everything from your timing, your schedule, your numbers, and your actions. Right now, you are given the present. And, maybe it’s a week or the day before the end of your month, make every second count.

You see, the best part about this is that if you were consistent all month long, the only thing that should change slightly towards the end of the month is your excitement. Why? because we know that consistency is the key to achieving milestones and crushing month end goals for yourself.

Owning the moment, also means taking responsibility for where you are. In other words, your goals should not be dependent on anyone else except yourself.

Check out some of these ‘sales tips’… (via Hubspot)


  1. “Sellers who actively prospect every day will always outperform those who just sit and wait.”
  2. “You must know how the numbers work to be a success.”
  3. “The key to successful content creation is to not push your products, but to push your knowledge.”
  4. “The best sellers actively participate in what were traditionally considered marketing activities to attract prospects in addition to the normal sales activities they undertake to convert those leads to customers.”
  5. “If you always have a full pipeline of three to four times what you need to close, urgency will not be an issue for you.”
  6. “Remember that you are selling to a fellow human being, not a faceless corporate entity.”
  7. “Never listen to sales experts who say you can’t move backward in the process. Movement — forward or backward — is always better than stagnation.”


… what do you think?

Network marketing has no room for people who sit around and wait. Except of course those who are adding this opportunity as a hobby — but certainly not those looking to build a business.

Biggest Tip for Crushing your Month End Goals …



Believe in yourself. 

Sounds almost absurd right? But guess what … This belief is tied to so much of your result. The moment those voices start creeping in that you are not going to reach your goal or rank, etc. You won’t. That voice inside your head called doubt is almost always the loudest but with belief it can be silenced.

I have some clients that towards the end of the month allow space to increase their personal development. They do this, because they know that anxieties start to run higher around month end, and doing so helps them stay grounded and focused.

Additionally, as growing leaders you want to be committed to your teams goals too right? And the last thing your team needs is someone wild and scattered! They deserve you at your best.

Lastly, I wish you the best towards crushing your month end goals. And, I would love if you would claim them here, right now, this moment. Let me know where you are in attaining your milestones this month — and how can I best serve you getting there?

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crushing your month end goals