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How to Get More Friends, Followers and Sales on Facebook | MLM

It’s amazing how ingrained Facebook has become in our lives, right? Personally and professionally; as consumers and as individuals. So in today’s post I want to focus on those of you who are network marketers. Those of you who are building a business using social media. And, you are asking yourself; ‘how do I get more friends, followers and sales?’, on Facebook.

The more people “like”, comment, share, and view your posts, the more your posts will appear in their timeline. All you have to do is get their attention once and maintain it forever…

Easier said than done, right? 

Don’t worry because I believe with the content shared here, you WILL get it done!

How to Get More Friends, Followers and Sales

Let’s start with what we already know … in order to gain someone’s attention in their newsfeed — you need great content. Now, what is great content?

Well, it’s content that falls under at least 1 of these 2 categories;

  1. Entertaining
  2. Educational

(there are other categories, but these are among the most common)

Sure, we love seeing when you share pictures of your kids or stories about your pets but, when we are seeing them ALL the time your business becomes almost non-existent. Where on the other hand, if all you are doing is talking about your products or business — you’re an ad not a human.

If you want more friends, followers and sales, it is very important to find a great mix of content of all sorts that align with; who you are, your family, your beliefs, your hobbies, and all the things in between. Remember, people join people in business, what reasons are you giving people to do just that?

And, people¬†follow people who make them feel good, make them think and make them feel like they’re learning something new. Give them that!

Are you ONLY Showing People your Highlight Reel?

I want you to think about the people you follow online. Do you follow them because their life appears perfect in every single way? Or, do you follow them because they have a great mix of things going on and it feels very real to you? The majority would answer the latter …

This is because it feels relatable. And, when you are looking to grow a home based business the more relatable you are – the better. Otherwise, people look at the highlight reel you show them and they just can’t imagine their lives that way.

Give people the real stuff. Naturally, avoid the drama and posts of that nature but … give people real stories that they can relate to. One major thing you want to remember when sharing these types of posts is leave people with a lesson or silver lining.

Otherwise, they can read more like a sympathy or negative post with nothing to gain from them. That’s not helpful for you or your business.

Want my Third Tip on this Topic?

Great! Make sure you jump on the video and start it around the 6 minute mark if you’d like!

Gaining from more friends, followers and sales is a process. A process, that anyone can make happen with the right consistency. Remember, practice makes perfect – you will have days when you will wonder what is the point … and that’s OK. These are the moments you need to revisit that WHY and give yourself the life you deserve.

Do you have any ideas or strategies that have worked for you gaining more friends, followers and sales? Definitely let us know in the comment section – we’d appreciate that TONS!

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