motivate your team

How to Motivate your Team with this one Strategy

Are you struggling to motivate your team?

Do you feel as though you’ve given them ALL the possible resources and they still aren’t ‘moving‘?

Maybe you’re feeling discouraged, frustrated or maybe even guilty.

In this blog post and video, I am going to share with you THE major tip to help you motivate your team and help each of you, yield results.

Let’s Motivate your Team Today


Here’s what we know for sure … if you are trying to motivate your team it’s possible you are losing your own motivation. Sound familiar? You’ve spent hours, days, weeks even months with team members and it’s just not working out the way you expected.

You’re tired.

It’s possible you feel like you aren’t doing something right or, that you’re just not the person for this.

Here’s what I NEED you to know …

CHOOSE to be a leader not an enabler.

Leaders lead, right? They demonstrate results through a combination of words and actions. They show others what’s possible and they don’t drag anyone along the way. Too often, we find ourselves in roles where we are positioned to LEAD others but we end up …

  1. Doing the work for them
  2. Building others’ businesses instead of our own
  3. Stuck in management mode

… among other things. Let’s make a commitment that this STOPS today.

Can you truly motivate your team?


Most people start out trying to motivate someone by giving them a lengthy speech, but this rarely works because motivation has to start inside others. The best way to motivateothers is to start by listening to what they want to do. Find out what the person’s goals and dreams are. (click here for the full article from Lifehack)

A hard truth might be that you simply do not have the right words to motivate your team or anyone for that matter. However, what you absolutely without a doubt CAN do, is inspire others through your own actions.

Demonstrate through your DMO’s, your content, your contribution and your impact, what you would love to see others do. Each persons’ motivation is different than the next — THIS is so important to remember. Similarly when we look at our ‘WHY’ — why we’re in business will vary from others.

It’s crucial to avoid putting our expectations on others and work with our teams to set their own.

Instead of learning how to motivate your team, spend more time working your business and the right people will follow alongside you — I promise.

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