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Network Marketer Training in Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing has without question been a growing buzz work in the network marketing industry. However, what you may not know is that only 3% of network marketers are actually using it properly on social media. In today’s post and attached video, is a network marketer training on attraction marketing.

Before we get started, think about the last time you went to visit a friend.

You walk up to their door, you knock or ring the door bell.

What happens next?

Your friend answers and you both say something along the lines of ‘hey how are you?! Come on in!‘. Right? Sound familiar? In short; you wait to be invited in.

Attraction Marketing is no Different

We are inundated with ads, sales, pitches, products, work-from-home opportunities, etc.

These are all examples as if you were the friend who didn’t knock. Or, the friend who just invited themselves in all the time. This particular network marketer training on this topic isn’t just for the cold market either.

There are these strange assumptions that attraction marketing is for the people you haven’t met yet. No — stop that! Especially when it comes to social media. Why? Because chances are you have people on your Facebook profile that you burned you first go-around or, people you became ‘friends’ with and still haven’t connected.

Net underestimate the power of this marketing technique.

Network Marketer Training is an Ongoing Process

And since the industry is consistently evolving along with online marketing, we have to continue to evaluate and readjust.

So let’s start with the basics;

Attraction marketing is putting out content on social media that is appealing to the eyes of your audience.

There are dozens of various network marketer training programs out there. And, my goal is to simply teach what I know and do.

All of the content that we deliver to our blog and social media audiences is something we’ve done and/or are doing. And, it’s why I continue to educate myself, invest in training etc. This allows me to continue to deliver valuable content that is attractive to my ideal client groups.

Teaching and coaching network marketers is my passion.

And to date, is one of the most favored and recommended network marketer training platforms available — regardless of the company you are in. Which leads me to this …

The entire platform was based on 3 things;

  1. Mentor support,
  2. Grit and,
  3. Attraction marketing

Never underestimate its power!

Where are you at currently in your attraction marketing strategies? Would love to hear from you in the comments below! Also, what has been. your favorite network marketer training to date?

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