Network Marketers Facebook profiles being deleted

Network Marketers Facebook Profiles Being Shut Down | What You Can Do

A few months ago, we heard from some people in our community that a number of network marketers Facebook profiles were being shut. This shouldn’t be confused with what we have come to know (unfortunately) as Facebook Jail.

You see, Facebook Jail is essentially the same as a timeout.

We know of several people who have been blocked. From, adding friends on Facebook, and others who are no longer allowed to send private messages. However, this is usually of a set duration of anywhere between one to thirty days. Might sound silly but, this can depend on it being your first or third offence.

This is scary when you consider the amount of time and resources you may be putting into social media marketing. What’s more is that Facebook makes it difficult to appeal their decisions or to talk to a live person and explain yourself or even understand why this happens.

Facebook, like people — Don’t like Spam!


We speak about this a lot in our Facebook Community of Social Impacters. Although most network marketers have the right intentions – much of what we see is still spam. And, you know the pages we are talking about.

They resemble a billboard most of the time. There are excessive posts about life changing products,  ‘only five more spots on my team!’ or, ‘end of month, so close to a goal buy now!‘.

Sound familiar?

So here is what we know to be true;

  1. Engagement on the page itself is low or non existent (and yet, you’re not sure why)
  2. Your friends and family have little to no interest in what you are constantly trying to sell them
  3. You have probably spent time in Facebook Jail
  4. Those closest to you believe you are part of a pyramid or scam

Overall, you may not encompass all of those traits – but it is probable you can relate to a few of them. And, this short list didn’t touch upon the constant shares to Facebook Groups (<< great post here on how you can make them work for you) or, sending cold, spammy messages.

network marketers Facebook profiles being shut down

The good news is with Facebook Jail, is once the ‘sentence’ is complete, it is back to business as usual.

However, more recently as we mentioned — Facebook is just shutting network marketers Facebook profiles down, all together.

Consider for a moment how awful that would be.

You may have years of memories, pictures, quotes, conversations, and more. And, you may have built a business (successful or not) and everything is gone. As if it never existed. Unfortunately, we know people this has happened to and it’s devastating.

And, some harsh reality to swallow here is this;

We are guests on this platform, guests who have very little say.

Understanding this, is so important. Think about it, when Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook it was designed to be a social platform. One, that you could connect with classmates, colleagues, family, friends, etc. Designed to be a place for relationships – business was never the original intent. In fact, it became the intent only when Business (or Fan) pages were created.

So truthfully, it is no surprise that Facebook is finally cracking down (and have been). In fact, Facebook shuts down 1 million accounts every single day. These are usually spam or duplicate accounts – never was it considered that network marketers Facebook profiles would be lumped into that. That was until social media was being misused.

network marketers Facebook profiles being deleted

And yes, we believe that spam is a misuse of not only this social media platform – but the profession as a whole.

So, this post isn’t meant to beat you up, but instead offer you some tips to avoid this from happening to you. In addition, a recent Facebook Live video that was recorded touching on this very topic.

Before we dive into the video, here are a few things I encourage you to get familiar with to avoid having your Facebook profile shut down.

Ways to Avoid Having your Facebook Profile Shut Down

Do not post overly promotional items on a personal account. One of Facebook’s rules is that your personal Timeline cannot be used for commercial purposes. There has been some debate about the definition of commercial’ but overall, when you are sending a marketing message that includes

  • Constant product images
  • Calls to recruit people
  • Buzz words like buy, recruit, join, etc.

Should not exist on personal Timeline more than everything else. Sure you can talk about what you are doing in your business, you can share successes and information, but including a link to where they can buy or sign up crosses the line into promoting.

Avoid posting your link to multiple places on Facebook in a short network marketers Facebook profiles being shut downtime. 

When sharing your business website link within Facebook groups or other Pages, even when it is encouraged by the group or Page admin (such as on Facebook Friday) avoid doing so in multiple groups in short succession.  It is never a good idea to blast your link all over the place on the web anyway – it appears desperate and spammy!

Frankly, we discourage your link to be posted if at all — but in accordance with Facebook Guidelines, these are the suggested parameters.

Do not friend-request people you do not know or aren’t otherwise connected to.

Social media is about connecting with people, not collecting people. When you have a relationship with someone, either in real life, or in a Facebook group, and you want to get to know someone better, sure, reach out to them. Be sure this is someone who would recognize you.

The reason for this is that after they ignore your friend request if they do not want to add you back, Facebook asks if they know you- or more recently offers a button that says ‘mark as spam‘.

If they say no (or hit that spam button) that they do not know you, your account will be flagged. Is there a magic number to how many times this can happen? We’re not sure.  But, if your account is flagged too many times, you are blocked from sending friend requests, since it appears you are adding people to spam them. Or, as we are seeing happening now is network marketers Facebook profiles are being shut down.

Do not use Facebook Messenger to send promotional content to multiple people at once without their consent.

Facebook does allow you to send a message to up to 30 people at a time but this function is designed for people who all want to discuss something. Not, for someone to broadcast an advertising message. And certainly not for network marketers Facebook profiles that are often – their bread and butter.

When you send a group message, every reply or activity on that message is sent as a notification to all 20 people. This gets annoying, and fast. Members in the message will click the settings to leave the conversation and potentially, mark it as spam.

It is against Facebook’s rules to send commercial messages to people without their consent. So whether you have done this before and gotten away with it, you are risking your page (and the profession) in doing so.

Do not send the same message to different people or post the same item in different places.

The infamous copy and paste messages. This is tracked by Facebook and seen as spam or harassment. If you have a useful, non-commercial message to send simply vary the wording and personalize the messages or posts. If you want to share your blog post to several different groups, simply add a caption that is relevant to the place you are posting it on Facebook, so it is seen as a unique post.

Being unique, authentic and audience specific goes so much further anyways!

network marketers Facebook profiles being deleted

Only tag people in posts they appear in and which they would approve.

Never tag someone that is not actually in the picture. And, never when you aren’t 100% sure they would appreciate it (most people don’t) Everyone gets a notification when they are tagged and if the person removes the tag and then reports the tag, you are at risk.

If you want to show someone to a post, tag them within the comments.

Our Final Thoughts on Network Marketers Facebook Profiles Being Shut Down

Be mindful of who is telling you that spamming is OK. We encourage you to see counsel or advice from people who have built a substantial business using social media. Although your company, sponsors or team might have the right intentions — unless they have done it, we would encourage you to seek out those who have.

Think about it this way, would you take swimming lessons from someone who doesn’t know how to swim?

Probably not.

After tuning into this video — We would love to hear your thoughts, comments and experiences on this post.



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