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Should Network Marketers use a Facebook Fan Page?

Wondering if you should have a Facebook fan page for your network marketing or direct sales business? This post will outline why we don’t think this is a good idea. Especially, if you are just starting out or, if you are not generating an income you are happy with.

You see, it is easy to get caught up in the thought process of — you have a business now, so a fan or business page makes sense, right? And, the thought process isn’t entirely wrong, however we suggest that now, is not the time.

And, we think you will find after reading this post, you will understand why.

3 Reasons Network Marketers Should Not use a Facebook Fan Page

Facebook fan page

#1 It Doesn’t Brand You

You have probably heard us say a few dozen times that this is a relationship business. We are in a people business. Our customers and people join our teams on the likelihood that they know, like and trust us. And sure, there are probably some exceptions to this rule, but overall – we know this is the case.

Therefore, you create a Facebook fan page then what? 

Probably, stuck with the same predicament you had with your personal page . We need you to understand this, just because you ‘open’ a business page, doesn’t mean people will come flocking to you. In fact, Facebook fan pages (or business pages) have started to become a pay to play arena. The visibility on them is significantly lower than your personal page unless you are paying for ads — and we will have a post on that later.

So, back to branding you. That is what the top earners and successful leaders have mastered. Personal branding should be a priority long before a Facebook business page.

Let’s say for example you are a rep for Scentsy (our favorite scent is crazy coconut by the way), you open a Facebook fan page and it reads ‘Jane Smith – Scentsy Independent Representative’. Doesn’t leave much to the imagination about what you do now, does it? And, virtually all network marketing or direct sales businesses require you to mention the business name.

This is great for Scentsy not so much for Jane.

Whereas, on your personal page – it is about you! And, when you use our strategies on delivering value, curiosity posts, 80/20 rule and so on, people get to know you versus what you sell. You might be thinking you could apply those same strategies to a Facebook fan page, and sure you could. However, knowing that the visibility is significantly lower and you are starting with zero audience, why would you create more work for yourself?

Final Thoughts: Take the time to brand you. When you have attained the level of success or income you are seeking (we recommend 10k monthly++), then consider a fan page. Until then, focus on your brand instead of your company’s.

Facebook fan page

#2 Facebook Fan Pages do not Create Curiosity

We touched on this a little bit in our previous point – but let’s look a little closer. You want people to be curious about what it is that you are doing so that they reach out to you to find out.

When people know what you do, or sell – there are two (2) primary problems with this;

  1. They already know, so they don’t need to inquire (we want them to inquire!)
  2. People can do their own research instead of reaching out to you. (this can be damaging)

Say for example, say you are with a health and wellness company and you post a picture of a smoothie on Facebook and talk about how your networking marketing product is so awesome.

You probably are not going to get a lot of interaction with your post.

This is the same as if you had a Facebook fan page specifically for your network marketing business. As soon as you invite someone to ‘like’ your Facebook page, they already know you are trying to sell them on your product.

People don’t like to be sold.

However, if you were to post a picture of a smoothie and the benefits of it (without mentioning the company name), people who are interested in getting that same result would be more inclined to comment on your post or reach out to you and find out what the product is.

Just be sure to include a call to action (CTA) and tell them to reach out to you if they are curious about your product or recipe. This creates curiosity. See the difference?

Your Facebook personal profile already has eyeballs on it. Be it friends, family, colleagues , etc. there are already people there who know you. Practice creating the right posts to engage them without throwing your product or service at them all the time. In the smoothie example, consider your product no different than a spice you recommend for a recipe.

Avoid getting hung up on the sell, sell, sell mentality. Share something awesome, invite people to connect with you to know your ‘secret ingredient’.

Final Thoughts: Facebook fan pages do not leave anything to the imagination. In fact, they are more like a billboard than anything. The same thing you want to steer away from. Attraction marketing, through your personal brand is 10X more powerful than a product post on a fan page.

Facebook fan page

#3 A Facebook Fan Page is not Easily Duplicated

Duplication – one of the biggest topics in our Facebook Community. We know that the larger the sales team, the larger the sales. Therefore, this is why so much time and effort is spent developing the skills to be a great recruiter, right?

And, we can probably agree that your team will do what you do. Creating a profitable Facebook business or fan page takes time, and money. Even some of our own posts on our fan page — with a large community require paid ads – and that is with a large and growing following.

We share that to say this, most people join a network marketing company to generate additional income. So, they have spent money to start and launch their business – you don’t want to be showing them a ‘system’ that will continue to add to their budget.

Wouldn’t you rather they use any extra monies to get to your company events? 

Most successful fan pages, related to network marketing, often have nothing to do with the company itself. They are often from leaders who have use attraction marketing skills and personal branding to grow an audience through their personal pages. And, once that audience grew to healthy engagement and capacity, they shifted their efforts to a fan page. Using however, the same techniques they had on their personal page.

A healthy business without exception involves duplication.

Our suggestion is when you are creating and developing your own strategies for business, ensure this is something that anyone joining you – can do too!

Final Thoughts: Network marketing and direct sales is such an incredible industry. It helps ordinary people do extraordinary things. Much of this is because it is a turn key business model. The getting started process should be seamless and duplicable. Unfortunately, a Facebook fan page is not part of that simple system in our opinion.


If you are just getting started with your network marketing business on social media, I hope you found this helpful. The most important thing we want you to take away here is that you need to understand what your overall goals are for your business.

Is it just to make a little extra income, do you just want to sell your network marketing product and grow a customer base, or do you want to become a leader in the industry and build a large team too?

What else do you think is important to consider before starting a Facebook fan page? We would love for you to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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