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6 Tips for a Network Marketing Beginner

Congratulations! You have found your way into one of the most powerful industries in the world: Network Marketing (in my own humble opinion, of course). Chances are you aren’t totally sure what you got yourself into, but you’re excited and, you should be! This post is created with the network marketing beginner in mind (or those just in need of a back to basics reminder!).

Now, the word ‘beginner’ in this context can take on a couple different meanings;

  1. You are brand new and are just getting started or,
  2. You’ve been at it a while but not seeing the success. you hoped for (yet).


Whichever category you fall into, these tips will help you gain some focus, they will help you identify where the basics begin and how you can level up from them.

Some you will have heard before — yes — and it’s OK if not important to revisit them, in fact I recommend it.

Are you a Network Marketing Beginner?


Perfect, read on.

My primary goal and focus is helping network marketers use social media the right way.

Leveraging social media in this industry is pretty powerful stuff.

Regardless of the platform you choose (I prefer Facebook and Instagram personally) knowing how to reach a buyers market for your products/services is key. You always want to remember that the key is always staying true to you — be authentic — after all, this IS a relationship business.

Important note: I encourage any new network marketing beginner to master one platform before moving to another.

Don’t let the shiny ball syndrome get you!


It can be tempting to want to be everywhere all the time but the reality is, mastering one is better than stumbling through many. I would encourage you to check out posts on this site around permission based posts and/or ones of curiosity.

This site is FULL of strategies I teach on getting in front of the right people, the right way. And, seeing success as a result of that.

Speaking about the right people … this brings me to my second tip; know your target market.

Spend time determining who your ideal prospect is. Creating a customer avatar is a GREAT place to start. For example, think about the ads you see on social media. It’s no mistake you’re seeing them, right? You have been ‘targeted’ by the advertiser because they believe you’re a good fit for what they’re selling.

Quick Tip: next time you see an ad on Facebook, look at the top right corner of that ad. There will be a little arrow in the corner, click that. You can choose the option ‘why am I seeing this ad’. This will give you the target market you fell into for this particular sponsored post. Now, some will be more detailed than others but this is a great habit to get into when figuring out your own markets.

This Commitment Starts with the Right Mindset


Starting anything new (or what can feel like the beginning) can become overwhelming. So, if you are a network marketing beginner or, revisiting the basics … take your time. Focus on developing a business mindset.

A mindset of perseverance and abundance.

If you want a recommendation on a great book to get started with – just let me know in the comments! I have a handful of incredible suggestions.

Developing your mindset is imperative. Not just as a network marketing professional but as a business owner period. It can be your strongest asset OR your biggest liability.

I prefer assets and I think you probably do too.

Another tip I want to leave you with today as well is never stop learning.

The fundamentals and/or basics are key — YES.

However, you want to make sure you are always striving for the next level. For example, focus on the basics until they’re mastered. I ensure you that if you follow simple tasks every single day, you will attain that first level of leadership you’re seeking.

But like anything else …

When you Want to Level Up, you Need to go Bigger


When you look at others in your industry who are making it happen please don’t lose sight that they started as a network marketing beginner at one time too. Thankfully those coming into this industry now, the original obstacles have been figured out for you.

And so, connect in communities like Social Impacters on Facebook for example where the fundamentals are taught and supported by dozens of leaders.

We all started somewhere and I am always looking to those who ‘are where I want to be’ for guidance and mentorship. I study their online behaviors, their content and their delivery.

Be intentional about surrounding yourself in situations and opportunities that will propel you forward. Seek those who can help you get out of that comfort zone and demonstrate it themselves. Leaders are always learning — they never stop. And as a result, it’s why we see their businesses continue to flourish even with the regular ebbs and flows we all experience.

Complacency and comfort won’t grow BIG business. Consistency in your actions is your biggest tool.

Let go of the Fake it Until you Make it Mentality — Please!


The good news is, more people in our industry relate to the everyday story or journey more so than the flashy cars and lifestyle. In fact, many people are intimidated by others who are earning huge amounts of income — why? Because it doesn’t feel realistic to them.

Being yourself and sharing your journey with positivity, value and service first will help you attract those you can truly grow with. If a relationship is founded on a lie, what does that say for the future?

The strongest network marketing beginner you can be online is the genuine one.

It’s the one who isn’t afraid to say they are so excited about something new. They are the ones who share the ups (for sure!) and the downs (with teachable moments). They are the ones who put value to their audience first and lean on their strengths versus faking it along the way. After all, how rewarding is it really to demonstrate a life that you aren’t truly living?

The last tip I have for you for this post is remember one key thing when building a business online …

It’s Never About You!


  1.  share their story.


The goal is to help someone, right? Then keep that your primary focus.

People have a need you can fill — always maintain that as your priority before you deliver anything related to your business. A spammy post doesn’t serve your audience but, a value and solution driven one will.

Overall, whether you are a network marketing beginner or someone who is wanting to get back to the fundamentals — you have to put in the work.

Get clear about WHY you started and WHERE you want to go.

And, you will get there!

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